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Simple marketing plan example. It will assist you in creating the marketing activity plan that ensures that you achieve the desired results from marketing strides.Process planning involves planning functions and activities in order to develop a comprehensive plan and/or instructions to make a part or to carry out a project. Sinnaps can be used in planning and executing the business marketing strategies of small business organizations. It is very easy to use and the workforce will properly deduce the marketing plans. This template offers you an updated version of the traditional Gantt chart known as the Gantt flow. This includes the critical path of your project that calculates the most optimal workflow and highlights task dependencies as well as the activities most crucial to successful project completion. It is widely used by project managers and teams. Also, Change is constant in all aspects of life and especially relevant to project management. You can edit it whenever you need.

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Budget and ROI

Client Meeting 1

Client Meeting 2

Client Meeting 3


Define strategy


Details and annexes

Estimated Goals

External Analysis

Internal Analysis

Materials development

Optimize Media Plan

Scenario Planning


Survey Results Analysis

Table for control indicators

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