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Did you know 75% of companies who use professional project management meet their strategic and commercial targets? Compared to 54% of organisations who do not use Project Management techniques. Worth thinking about…

I will send you 5 e-mails to train you as a professional project manager. You will learn to coordinate a work team, reduce costs, make better use of your resources, optimise time and communicate with your associates. In addition, you will be able to anticipate risks.

This course will also teach you how to run your projects from a digital perspective. The fact is 87% of companies are seeking a smoother project management experience.

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My name is Richard Balet, founder and CEO of Sinnaps, and I would like to teach you – based on my experience – how to be a Project Manager who really knows how to work in a team.

You will receive 5 lessons over the course of 15 days.

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1. Which method is better? Something’s going on…
2. Plan your project: define your specifications
3. Work realistically: how to go from ideal to realistic planning
4. The milestones: ‘to be or not to be’ – when we should not carry on with a project.
5. Team communication: activate cruising speed in the team.

5 lessons to train you to be a Project Manager


    "...Email is outdated in project management. It is essential to have logs and your work properly organized  in a management tool, for us this is possible thanks to Sinnaps..."


    Rafa Corell Indigraf / CEO and Founder

    "...I have worked in most cases with Microsoft Project, but I recognize that there are many professional alternatives now in our days, some of them much more usable and visual, such as Sinnaps..."


    Alejandro Pérez Ceolevel / CEO and founder

    "...One of the things we like about Sinnaps is that it's very intuitive. The effort does not have to be done in knowing the tool, but to manage the project. For that reason, Sinnaps facilitates management as the tool does not turn into an additional inconvenience..."

    Ángel Nágera Wolf project / Trainer and consultant

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Learn how to manage your team, maximize resources and achieve your goals in collaborative projects.

5 lessons to train you to be a Project Manager

Lesson 1: Which method is better? Something’s going on…

There is now a fourth method, which we love: combined! I have seen the need to apply this method to many of the projects on which I have worked. Is the agile method so wonderful? Certain matters come to mind that need answering.

In this lesson, I tell you how to use the combined method in your project. And conclude with a video of a fun talk about Kanban by the Xbox PDM. I loved it.

Lesson 2: Plan your project and prepare a substantive Kick Off meeting.

Create a team and provide them with the necessary information.

We are fed up with unproductive meetings that end up essentially wasting our time. Here, I explain how in my over 15 years as an advisor on optimising processes, one thing has become clear: the first meeting should be more than anything else SOCIAL.

These 5 steps and a free template will help your Kick Off meetings meet their objectives and remember, these are general.

Tips, experiences, downloadables and so much more!

Lesson 3: How to go from ideal to realistic planning

Planning often becomes truly utopian…

The more optimistic we are, the more things we feel we can do. And even as happiness floods forth, it is important to know how to make the planning realistic.

A clue: use Buffer activities…
What is more, telling the others the truth is not easy. So, time negotiation is a key factor to ensure your project does not fail.

I will also show you the path we walk to plan our own Communications strategy.

Lesson 4: The milestones, ‘to be or not to be’ and shall we continue with the project?

A workmate of a few years ago said that you should always bring a bottle of champagne to a milestone meeting.

Decisive decisions are taken at these meetings, like whether or not to continue the project.

In this lesson, I will tell you how we prepare milestones, which members of the team should not be there at those moments and why the bottle of champagne is necessary…

I hope you celebrate all your milestones!

Lesson 5 – Communication: How to get the team moving at cruising speed

Open and closed communication. When do we use one or the other? And, how to reduce incoming e-mails by up to 85%.

It is strange, only 10% is open communication when it should be vice versa.

In this lesson I will also give you a list of all the tools we use to communicate in Sinnaps. Our team is scattered all over the place and communication is crucial for us.

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Learn to coordinate a work team, reduce costs, make better use of your resources, optimise time and communicate with your associates.

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