The desire of every organization is to achieve her set goals and objectives; productivity plays a significant role in how an organization strives to achieve this desire. Productivity is the measure of the efficiency of a person, machine, factory and system in converting inputs into the desired outputs. Productivity is an important parameter in the production performance of a workplace, the growth in productivity of an organization helps in boosting the profitability of that organization.


factors affecting productivity


In project management, productivity is the process by which resources are optimized in order to achieve the desired outcomes of the project. There are various components that are involved in the productivity of a workplace which are human resources (labor), machinery, and the working condition of the workplace.


Key factors affecting productivity in the workplace


The following factors are the key factors affecting productivity in the workplace.

Technical factor: technology plays a great role in the productivity of the workplace. A workplace with the right layout and size of plant and machinery, ideal location, correct design of machines and equipment, automation, and computerization tends to be more productive.

Production factor: the production of every department of a workplace should be well planned, coordinated, and controlled. This will include the use of the right choice of raw materials.

Organizational factor: this entails how authorities and responsibilities are discharged and how conflicts are resolved in the workplace.

Personnel factor: human capital resources are the major assets of a workplace, productivity is enhanced by selecting the right individuals for suitable posts. Motivation is also important too, when workers are motivated, they will be more productive thereby boosting the overall productivity of the workplace.

Finance factor: finance is the life-blood of any business; there should be a better control over both fixed and working capital. When the finance of a workplace is judiciously utilized the productivity will increase.

Other key factors that affect the productivity of a workplace are management, government, and location. However, most organizations are often confronted with the challenges of low productivity in their workplace.


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Reasons and causes for low productivity


Low productivity is not only limited to the personnel problem, but it has tremendous financial consequences on the business; the effects of low productivity can reduce the revenue of the workplace and halt her growth. The following are the causes and reasons for low productivity.

  • Low morale of the workers: workers that are not motivated can never be productive.
  • Poor working condition: if the working environment is not enabling, it will result in low productivity.
  • Low employee competence: workers without the needed technical know-how will have a negative impact on the productivity of the workplace.
  • Poor management techniques: ineffective management will result in low productivity.


Productivity and Efficiency


In reality, people often confuse productivity with efficiency, efficiency is working in a well-organized and competent way but productivity is all about producing the desired result. Project management entails both efficiency and productivity, but it focuses more on productivity because it entails how the resources are optimized in order to achieve the desired outcomes.


Production and Productivity in industry


Industrially, production is creating, growing, manufacturing or improving goods and services. Production takes into consideration the quantity but productivity measures the efficiency or the rate of production, the fact that you are producing in a workplace does not mean the organization is productive. Productivity lays more emphasis on the output (goods and service) in relation to the input (labor, equipment, and capital).


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Loss of productivity


Loss of productivity is indeed a bad omen for any organization due to the fact that every organization is tasked with the responsibility of maintaining the appropriate levels of productivity in order to achieve the objectives. Loss of productivity will result in the reduction of production and have a bad economic impact on the organization.


Factors that affect the work performance


Every workplace desires an optimum level of performance from their workers every time, there are some factors that can influence the work performance and they are:

Poor work environment: an ideal working environment is required to get the best out of the workers. A poorly ventilated environment will have a negative impact on the workers and it will affect their productivity. Lack of good equipment is another factor that can affect the work performance of the workforce.

Co-workers issues: the relationship among the workers is a factor that can affect the work performance of a workplace. When there is no love lost between the workers, the productivity of such organization is bound to be affected negatively. Management must guard against gossips in their workplace as it brings about the wastage of time, they must strive to promote a harmonious working relationship between their workers in order to improve their performance in their work.

Lack of clear job description: another factor that can affect work performance is lack of clear job description. Organizations must ensure that they have clear, well-defined job descriptions and adequate training, support and rewards for their workforce in order to obtain high performance from them.


Factors affecting working environment


The working environment is the place where the workers perform their operations; the physical environments influence their health and their work performance and productivity. It is believed that workers who are satisfied with the physical conditions of their working environment tend to be more productive. Factors like temperature, air quality, lighting and noise conditions in the workplace affect the productivity of the workers.


How does productivity affect supply?

When the level of productivity of a workplace increases, there will be an increase in the production thereby making the aggregate supply curve to shift to the right. With higher productivity, an organization will be able to produce at a reduced cost and it will yield higher profits.


How does technology affect productivity?

Technology has a big impact on productivity; it has immensely improved the way most organizations run their businesses. Though some technological gadgets have brought about some distractions to the workers, it has increased connectivity and more people are working remotely. With technology, the level of productivity of most organizations increases and it has led to an increase in revenues and profits in most organizations.


Sinnaps as a project management productivity app


The purpose of every project is to accomplish the desired results; project managers strive towards attaining a high level of productivity in order to optimize the inputs of the projects. Sinnaps is a project management tool that is assisting project managers in achieving their desired optimum level of productivity in their project management tasks.

Sinnaps is a useful project management productivity app that provides a Kaban panel for effective project planning. With Sinnaps, your work will be visualized clearly in terms of what you need to do and what date it will be done; it will allow everyone in your team to maximize their productivity. Sinnaps is embedded in the modern Gantt-flow chart that highlights the critical path of project so that everyone is aware of what tasks are most critical to successful project completion.



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The impact of Sinnaps app on individual productivity

Naturally, the productivity of everybody is usually enhanced with the right working tools, Sinnaps is a project management productivity app that will improve your productivity because it will enable you to plan effectively, maximize your time and resources, assists you in taking better project management decisions, enables you to share your documents with colleagues, ensures ease of communication and most importantly it helps you in being very organized.  

With Sinnaps, you will be able to operate at your premium productive level because it is very easy to use and it supports great teamwork organization. If your desire is to optimize your resources, Sinnaps is the tool that will boost your productivity and your team and helps you achieve the set objectives of your projects.

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