Sinnaps – project planning for all business areas

Sinnaps – project planning for all sectors

Project planning and overview is a common need across all sectors. The Sinnaps technology can adapt to the needs of most sectors, for time scheduling and overview to resource management and allocation. A tool to control, plan and quantify human work. No matter the changes, updates or unforeseen issues, the wide range of Sinnaps tools enables us to adapt to the needs of the main sectors.

Professional projects require ever greater attention and more professionalism. It is essential to grant project management the necessary importance and relevance. Implementing project management techniques may ensure and reduce failure levels. This is why it is advisable to implement professional tools which can apply modern techniques, such as earned value management, resource allocation and critical path calculations.

Apply professional techniques to your professional projects.

  • "... Sinnaps applies project management and cost techniques in a very easy way for our teams of children. As they say: "it's our compass".."  

    Primitivo Carranza Kids Kitcar association / Chairman

    "...I really liked the platform. I've been using Jira and others similar ones and what I was looking for was something more visual and friendly, that allows me to organize the web development projects of my company..."


    Juan E. Drault Smarterix | Co founder

    "..There are always deviations on the initial planning. With Sinnaps, this task is simplified and makes everything easier..."

    Miguel Ángel Casquero Idiogram / Co-founder & CBDO
  • "...At last we have found an agile, intuitive project management tool, easy to handle by managers and project engineers..."


    David Sánchez Samat ingenieering / Owner
  •     "....Sinnaps has allowed us a better organization as well as meeting the goals in the established times, this has been fundamental in our expansion as a business."            

    María del Carmen Z. Technical Advisor | Colombia Agroforestal S.A.S

    "...I am very pleased with Sinnaps. Its an intuitive application, easy to use and understand for collaborators. Being able to export the timeline to Excel is a great success..."


    Salim Isaac Mexia Moetti / Head of ID dep

    "...One of the things we like about Sinnaps is that it's very intuitive. The effort does not have to be done in knowing the tool, but to manage the project. For that reason, Sinnaps facilitates management as the tool does not turn into an additional inconvenience..."

    Ángel Nágera Wolf project / Trainer and consultant
  •   " ... I am happy because before I was using Excel but without the dependency making changes was very time-consuming. I like the dependency between projects."  

    Bárbara Monserrat Ramos Biomedical Engineer | Biosingals IT

    " ... straighforward and not expensive compared to similar software".


    Mateusz van Schaik Owner/ Marketer | Creative Advantage

    "...Sinnaps allows you to start in a simple way, and increase increase chances of control with time and expertise.... In addition, it slowly progresses to implement personalized improvements.."


    Borja Barredo Microliquid / CEO

    "...It has helped me a lot to keep track of my activities and those of my team. It is an easy-to-use tool, used to manage time and resources associated with a project ..."

    Viviana López Oyarce SGS | Continuous Improvement Coordinator

    "... its very easy to use without losing functionality or capacity ..."


    Guillermo Nicolás López Niproma / Technical Manager

    "...It is very easy to understand and very intuitive. At a glance you know what you need to do in all projects. In addition, you can also know the real expenses of resources..."


    Jesús Cuevas Plumágica / Managing Director

    " ...Excellent tool to organize work and maintain clear goals. I have many things to do and I could not find a better tool to organize myself..."


    Alejandro Barros Financial analyst | Grupo Matriz
  • " ... My most sincere consideration for Sinnaps. We could not find an interface as simple and as clear. Fully recommended for an efficient project organization for both SMBs and Large Companies "  

    Daniel Pastor Marketingskraft Helfer in MR Congress Incentive

    "...After trying a lot, I have finally found an intelligent tool, easy to learn and use and above all, useful for planning and management of my company's projects. Sinnaps is very well thought out and that is noticed by users..."


    José de Domingo Bodas de cuento / Wedding designer

    "It's a very practical and easy to use management tool"


    Luis Martínez Monterry transport group / System analyst
  • "The coaching tool is wonderful because it helps you consider things you can forget to improve the project."              

    Twinkli B. System Administrator | Tata Consultancy Services

    "...I have worked in most cases with Microsoft Project, but I recognize that there are many professional alternatives now in our days, some of them much more usable and visual, such as Sinnaps..."


    Alejandro Pérez Ceolevel / CEO and founder

    "...Email is outdated in project management. It is essential to have logs and your work properly organized  in a management tool, for us this is possible thanks to Sinnaps..."


    Rafa Corell Indigraf / CEO and Founder

Project management for lawyers

Work on various projects at the same time and allocate hours to your clients quickly and flexibly from anywhere in the world. Control your expenses and adjust your estimations by simulating changes to the project.

Project management for software development

Use agile methods to develop your applications. Update project specifications and observe the effect on the schedule.

Project management for universities

Sinnaps offers educational licences for students. The affiliated university students and personnel can benefit from free licences for educational purposes.

Project management for architects

Design, update and adapt various projects at the same time remotely. Realign budgets, resources and allocate hours to projects daily. Manage documentation, share it and validate your work, per the roles in your team.

Creative companies

Work with a tool that is as flexible and adaptable as your own creativity. Adapt and realign specifications and schedules for your project as often as necessary. Coordinate your team and see the impact on costs and resources for your company.