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Project management online in a simple and intuitive way

What can you do with Sinnaps?


Plan your projects and share your management with others. Prioritise and automatically calculate the best work paths. Plan again and save different options.


You can see everyone’s workload any time. Improve your project management by optimising time and maximising resources. Now you can offset your consumption.


Simulate different scenarios and budget them automatically. Sinnaps readjust the calculation after each change and quantifies the possible scenarios in your plans so you can take better project management decisions.


Share documents with colleagues, generate reports for meetings and know everything that is happening in the project. Sinnaps registers it on the activity wall.


Have all project communication organised. Sinnaps registers, stores and manages communication among the participants and ensures the whole team is up-to-date on project progress.


Sinnaps analyses data from your project from the control panel and interprets it to make recommendations on how to manage your project better.


Validate activities and sub-tasks when complete. Also tick off the stated and completed objectives. The team can find out about progress made. Sinnaps registers it on the project wall.


Create work paths in common and reuse your processes. Sinnaps adapts process plans saved to the needs of each project. So, it uses the lessons learned from other, similar plans.


  • Our Portfolio Management and overall project outlook have improved enormously. Sinnaps enables us to see the progress, bottlenecks and critical paths in situ.

    Rafael Lafragua DirIngenería/Product Manager
  • The moment you start to know the real cost of each project is a tipping point. You may get quite a surprise, so I am delighted this will not be happening to us again.

    Carlos Casado Engineeting firm/CEO
  • We have worked with various management tools and we have finally found one that allows us us to see what poor organisation costs us. It is very important to have a solid method to plan our projects. Before implementing Sinnaps, it was complicated.

    Jorge Bordas banking sector/Accounts Manager
  • ...they have organised the company, everybody's work is clearer and it is far easier to work in a team. If I had known about this before, it would have made things far easier in the past.

    Jorge Miralles Sacusa Group/ Project manager
  • When we started working with Sinnaps, we could not have imagined how useful it would be to the company. Now, I cannot imagine starting a project without a good plan. Whether it is development, strategy or monitoring, Sinnaps guides our teams.

    Ricardo Zaragoza Businessman

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