In developing a new product, certain activities are always carried out by the product development team in the background. This is done to translate the vision of the Product Owner into a reality. 

No doubt, this usually entails rigorous and careful planning because the Project Team members are expected to develop a product that meets the Product Owner’s specific features, needs, and expectations. 


product roadmapping


This step of planning is the product roadmapping in Project Management. Product roadmapping offers the Project Team a strategic plan for developing a product over time. In product roadmapping, you have a process that documents the executive summary of the product’s goals. 

Product roadmapping sets the pace of the product development’s success by aiding the team in communicating their short-term and long-term goals. It enriches the understanding of the team members about the project at hand.

A tool like Sinnaps, an online Project Management software, can be used to develop the product roadmapping ideas by a Project Team. It will enhance the product development team’s capacity to understand the product’s vision and features with its ease of usability and boosts team communication enabling all and sundry to be on the same page.


Product roadmapping


With product roadmapping, you have a tool for sharing the outline of the vision, direction, priorities, and progress of a product being developed by a project team. Product roadmapping is an action plan that matches the vision of the Product Owner with the goal of the development team to bring the product into existence. 

The Product Owner roadmap is the overall view of the product’s requirements and a useful tool for planning and organizing product development.  The Product Owner develops the product roadmap with vital contributions from the development team. 

In doing this, the Product Owner and product development team will painstakingly study the product feature roadmap. This helps track the development and releases of the product’s key features. It helps communicate the direction of a product’s feature development to internal and external stakeholders.


Critical components of product roadmapping


The following are vital components of product roadmap planning:

The vision of the Product Owner: this explains the Product Owner’s intention about the product, what he wants the product to be in the future.

Strategy: this is an action plan that explains how the product development team is going to fulfill the vision of the Product Owner

Goal: this is a time-based target that can be measured by a specific metric.

Initiatives: these are typically subject matters that unite features that must be done to accomplish product development.

Timelines: these are the dates or periods set for a particular goal to be completed.

Status makers: this is useful for tracking the progress made on the project.

Metric: This is used as data to measure product development goals.

Product roadmapping can be used internally by the product development team to enhance performance and productivity because they know what should be prioritized to deliver the right value to the Product Owner.


All about Project Roadmaps

Project Roadmap Template

Agile Roadmap Online


Product development roadmap


Product development can be herculean because it requires many steps that will be carried out, and it involves the contribution of different people. 

However, a product development roadmap is used to track and communicate its ideas and milestones. It is always in place for a short period. The product development roadmap is centred on data, and it focuses on the deadlines and release schedules.


How to create a product development roadmap


Step 1: set a defined goal for the development of your product: here, the roadmap items must perform a planned purpose to accomplish the product’s core goals. The team members must also brainstorm and evaluate what will remain and what will be left out of the highlighted items.

Step 2: consensus on what tasks each team and individual own: this helps establish a sense of responsibility for the team members on task completion based on the agreed timescale.

Step 3: monitor the roadmap regularly and keep everyone updated: this allows everyone to be on the same page. 

Steps 4: give room for roadmap plan changes: here, you must allow your product development roadmap to be flexible to integrate new plans and prioritize your activities as the needs arise.

Look no further; the task of designing your product development roadmap can be made simple with Sinnaps; this is because it is a useful planning tool.




Create your Product Roadmapping



Agile Product Roadmap


In the Agile product roadmap, the Product Owner uses the product roadmap to describe the product’s functionality and when new features will be released. Agile product roadmap boosts the agile teams’ productivity because it spurs them to be responsive and up and doing in their activities. 

Again, it promotes the right synergy among the agile team members, thereby enabling them to have a mastery of their activities in agile product development. 

In developing the agile product roadmap, you must ensure that you create a flexible roadmap for your agile team. Also, it should aim to boost your agile development process with each sprint. 

With this, you can track and communicate the progress of your agile team to the relevant stakeholders. You should also endeavour to simplify your agile roadmap planning process to help you come up with better product development decisions. 

The following steps are involved in developing an agile product roadmap:

  • Set the objectives for your agile product roadmap 
  • Evaluate the resources for the roadmap plan
  • Entertain the feedback of the users 
  • Decide on the building blocks to be used for the agile product roadmap plan
  • Organize planning sessions with the relevant stakeholders. 

Agile roadmap online is a product roadmap template that agile teams can leverage to create their product roadmap. It is a tool that can be downloaded with ease for the team to prioritize and share their product ideas. 

In the product technology roadmap, you have a flexible planning technique that supports strategic and long-term planning by aligning the short-term and long-term goals with specific technological solutions. 


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