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If you are starting up, you are about to do it, or you are just interested in entrepreneurship, we have many stories to tell you.  Read our posts about how we’ve made it so far and don’t fall in the same mistakes as we have!

«We want your projects to succeed»

Sinnaps is an online Project Management solution.

The need to find a flexible tool capable of implementing modern predictive project management techniques, ended up in what today we know as Sinnaps.

My name is Richard Balet and I’,m the founder of Sinnaps. It’s been a while since I realized how available project management tools where not up to my needs as a professional. That is how it all started. Together with a group of engineers we develop a technology capable of planning and prioritizing a high volume of activities and resources in a colavorative way, while implementing modern planning techniques.

Its been a long complicated trip since we started in a competitive sector, surrounded by big worldwide players. In this blog, I’d like to share our evolution, learnings, troubles and solutions.  How a new revolutionary idea grows and evolves while adapting to the user needs.  Discover how to start-up in the IT sector 😉

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