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We use a variation of the Gantt chart for intuitive management of complex projects. The whole work team can logically follow the project plans in an organised way by means of a simple view of the activity timeline.

“The best way to guarantee productivity is through cooperation between management and workers”.

Henry Laurence Gantt (1861-1919)

Henry Gantt

The Gantt Chart could have had another name

Can you imagine saying you are using the Adamiecki chart? Undoubtedly, the name Gantt is far more commercial. However, that is not why his famous timeline could have had another name.

Diagrama de Gantt

It is said that the newly developed work schedule viewing method was developed a few years prior to the official publication by Henry L. Gantt (1910 and 1915). Specifically, in 1896. The creator? One Karol Adamiecki, a Polish engineer. And here there is some confusion.

His publication failed to become popular precisely because it was written in Polish. A few years and a slight modification later and Gantt did make his revolutionary technique public through various articles in the Engineering Magazine in New York. An error in forethought for which Adamiecki paid dearly.

What is the purpose of Project Management with Gantt?

Rapid visual comparison of time and workloads

Easy to control schedule monitoring

Simple to communicate with all departments

Immediate identification of the critical path and bottlenecks

Contributes to establishing realistic deadlines

Helps organise complex ideas

Why are some people unhappy managing projects with Gantt?

  • It does not adjust to projects with a high degree of uncertainty.
  • This tool is only for visualisation, not for planning or management.
  • It only represents projects whose network between activities is simple.
  • It does not help in decision-making as its structure is static and inflexible.
  • Planning with Gantt hinders effective real-time communications about project risks.

When to manage projects with only Gantt

  • With simple projects with few interdependencies between activities.
  • When there are no changes during the undertaking of the project.
  • As a visual tool at a particular moment in the schedule.
  • When working on projects with a very low level of uncertainty, all but without risks.
  • In predictive, inflexible management methods.
  • When managing projects with few activities and no sub-tasks.
  • For plans based on activity timelines and not linear schedules.
  • If we manage projects using a on-line tool with Gantt which combines techniques based on PERT and CPM.

Sinnaps uses a Gantt On-Line Chart for complex projects

Project management is being revolutionised by a new generation of tools

Discover the Gantt-Flow effect…

Current Project Management is constantly changing; proof of this lies in the use of a mixture of seemingly incompatible techniques. Just a few years ago nobody could have imagined combining an agile method through the Gantt Chart.
Innovation feeds evolution. That is why we must ask: what if we could bring together predictive and agile methods? Do the shortest, most systematic projects – governed by Gantt scheduling – not get affected by last minute setbacks?
Many project managers find themselves in a position of choosing a single technique. But with on-line systems like Sinnaps things have become a whole lot easier. It uses techniques based on PERT (Project Evaluation and Review Techniques) and CPM (Critical Path Method) to obtain a variation on the Gantt Chart known as the Gantt-Flow.
In this fashion, we obtain a graph that contemplates interdependence between activities, total project duration and optimal work flow for a realistic management of minimised risks. Thus, the Gantt-Flow benefits from the revolutionary effects of PERT and CPM, while these techniques simplify matters – providing easier, more intuitive management.
All thanks to Project Management with the most innovative Gantt. This is technology that solves all project hassles with a high degree of uncertainty, where setbacks are the order of the day, requiring regular/constant reviews and alterations.

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