An agile meeting is the major practices carried out by the members of the agile project management teams to do an appraisal of agile projects.


agile meetings


Agile Meetings


Agile meetings are also known as agile ceremonies; they are vital parts of agile development. Agile meetings are carried out to empower and serve as a driving force for the agile development teams.  The agile meeting types are; agile sprint planning meeting, daily stand-up meeting (daily scrum), sprint review meeting, sprint retrospective meeting, and product backlog refinement meeting.


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Agile stand-up meeting are that stand up meetings done by the agile team for a brief period of time while the team members stand up on their feet. Agile stand-up meeting is always short in order to avoid the rigor associated with standing up for a long period of time.

Sinnaps, project management software is effective for the use of the agile project management teams. It is very easy to use and can be used to communicate and share vital information among the team members.


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Plan your project and prepare a substantive Kick Off meeting

Create a team and provide them with the necessary information. We are fed up with unproductive meetings that end up essentially wasting our time. Here, I explain how in my over 15 years as an advisor on optimising processes, one thing has become clear: the first meeting should be more than anything else social.



Sprint Meeting


This is an agile ceremony carried out by the development team, Scrum Master and Product Owner. Sprint meeting is the sprint planning meeting, it is usually held at the beginning of a new sprint with the intention of drawing up a prioritized work list and creating an alignment of the entire team for success throughout the period of the sprint.

During the sprint meeting, the Product owner will discuss the prioritized backlog items with the development team and the entire group will jointly decide the amount of effort required. Also, the team will decide how much of the work from the backlog items can be completed in the iteration. The sprint session span can be kept within 4 – 6 hours.


Sprint Retrospective Meeting


Sprint retrospective meeting is the ceremony done after the sprint review meeting, it involves the Scrum master, product owner, and the development team. The purpose of this meeting is to uncover what worked well and what did not work during the last iteration. The team will try and figure out the issues affecting the progress of the iteration.

At the end of the sprint retrospective meeting, every participant will give his or her written feedback. During the sprint retrospective meeting, the team will use the session as an opportunity to improve because there will be an evaluation of the recent iteration, the team’s performance, the factors responsible for their loss of productivity. A sprint retrospective meeting can take place for an hour.



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Stand-up Meeting


It is an agile ceremony that is facilitated by the Scrum master for the development team. It can also be called the daily scrum or daily stand up meeting, the Product Owner and the stakeholder will participate to provide answers to the questions raised by the development team. This meeting usually takes place every day at the same place and is mostly held in the morning so as to keep everyone on the same page.

During the stand-up meeting, each team is expected to answer the question on the following:

  •         What they were able to do individually yesterday to help the development team in achieving the sprint goal?
  •         What will they do today individually to help the development in achieving the sprint goal?
  •         What are the hindrances to the work of the development team in achieving the sprint goal?

Stand-up meeting is an informal meeting that should not last for more than 15 minutes.

In applications development organizations, stand up meetings are the daily stand-up meetings where all the attendees will participate while standing on their feet. The major reason for carrying out a standing meeting is to keep the meeting short in order not to prolong it.

Stand-up meeting best practices are the stand-up meeting ideas and rules which are the following:

  • Respect the time box: it will not last for more than 15 minutes.
  • Meet each other in person.
  • Come on time and be prepared.
  • No multitasking: full attention should be on the other team members.
  • Save long discussions for the meet after.
  • Give your stand-up to the team.
  • Share responsibility
  • Managers are welcome
  • Have some fun.

In most cases, the daily stand up meeting format involves a team member stepping out to talk about the card on the far right from the board and the sequence will continue from the right to the left with the team members describing what is happening in each work items.

Kanban meetings can be called the daily Kanban meetings, it is the daily stand-up meeting done by the teams embracing the use of the Kanban methodology. The Kanban meetings are done around the Kanban boards with a focus on the process and the people. Sinnaps is a tool that can be used in planning a daily stand-up meeting. It supports the Kanban board thereby making it suitable for the use of Kanban meeting.


Social Kanban increases motivation 😉


Kanban Board Example


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Sprint Review Meeting


Sprint review meeting is an agile ceremony held by the development team, scrum master, and product owner. The stakeholders could be invited as well. However, the main purpose of the meeting is to show the work that the team accomplished during the last sprint. The sprint review meeting can be done in a casual or formal format based on the preference of the team.

The Scrum master is required to plan properly ahead of the session so as to ensure the participation of the stakeholders who will give the needed feedback on the sprint demo. The sprint review session normally lasts for 1-2 hours.

Scrum stand-up meeting is the stand up meeting done by the Scrum team to evaluate and deliberate on their tasks, it is done for about 15 – 30 minutes among the Scrum team members.


How to run a scrum meeting?


These are the scrum meeting best practices normally carried out by the Scrum teams. A  Scrum meeting is done by the scrum team members in order to meet and sync. It is always done around a scrum sprint board. It provides the opportunity to perfect daily priorities and have an understanding of what is being done by each team member and how they can help each other in delivering the goal of the sprint. The Scrum meeting best practices are the following;

  •         Strict time-boxing: always set the expectation with your team and make it clear that the meeting will always kick off and end at the set time.
  •         Always start regardless of the members present: when this is imbibed, it will guard against late arrival for meeting by the team members.
  •         Let each member address the following question:
    • What did you do yesterday?
    • What is the plan for today?
    • What are the hindrances to the work?
  •         Use due dates: this will communicate what is planned to be completed.
  •         Update the sprint board: ensure that the team members update their user stories and tasks before the start of the meeting
  •         Always involve every team member: everybody that is responsible for the sprint delivery should be involved in the meeting.

Weekly scrum meeting is an opportunity for the development team to come together once a week notably towards the end of the week in order to discuss the progress made so far in the sprint and re-plan the remaining part of the sprint.

In Scrum planning meeting duration, a month or 4-week sprint meeting should last for 8 hours while a 2-week sprint is planned for about 4 hours. The rule involved is the multiplication of the number of weeks in the sprint by 2 hours to get the total sprint planning meeting duration.

The Scrum of Scrum meeting is a crucial technique in scaling scrum to large project teams. These meetings will allow a cluster of teams to discuss their work and focus mostly on areas of overlap and integration. Each team will conduct its daily scrum meeting but a member from each team will be delegated to attend a Scrum of Scrum meeting. The whole team will decide who represents them at the Scrum of Scrum meeting.


Scrum Refinement Meeting


This is also called the backlog refinement meeting; the purpose of the meeting is to decompose the superior priority items in the product backlog into user stories that are ideal for inclusion in the next sprint. It is carried out towards the end of the current sprint and it is facilitated by the Scrum Master, the Product owner is always in attendance. It is held for not more than 2 hours for a 2-week sprint.

No doubt, Sinnaps is a tool that can be used by the agile teams in executing their agile project management, it is very easy to use, it will allow them to break their complex projects into manageable lumps and assist them in accomplishing their project’s goals. It is efficient for team planning and communication of the plans to the various stakeholders involved in the project.



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