Project managers are saddled with the task of managing the activities of their project irrespective of the size, whether small or complex. 

As a project manager, you must be on top of the activities of every project to ensure that you achieve the desired level of productivity and results. 

In enterprise project management software, you have a tool that helps you in managing the activities of your project strategically through prioritization of project’s activities, delegation of tasks to the project team members, and the process of assigning resources to the tasks of the project. 

According to the recent survey conducted by the Project Management Institute (PMI), only 25% of business enterprises have been able to achieve their business goals among the organizations that embrace different technologies in the management of their business activities. 

However, the successful 25% were those that embraced the enterprise project management software. In this article, you will read about the best enterprise project management you can use in managing different projects.


enterprise project management software



Enterprise project management software: what you need to know


In reality, the value that the use of enterprise project management software brings to your project management stride is invaluable. It allows you and your team to achieve ease in managing complex projects. It helps project managers in adapting to changes in their projects and assist in creating a functional system for managing current and future projects. 

The following are the values that enterprise project management software brings to your project:

  • It improves project team efficiency: EPM project management tool enhances the overall efficiency of the project team with real-time interactive Gantt charts and online collaboration tools that will boost the communication among them thereby increasing the productivity of the project team. 
  • It can track all tasks in a project to ensure that nothing is left out.
  • It reduces the cost of a project: the use of enterprise project management software helps the project team in attaining cost-effectiveness by maintaining the right workforce and eliminating unnecessary over-time which could attract additional cost for the project team.
  • It offers better visibility in project management: with enterprise project management software, project teams are assured of gaining a proper view of the project activities’ status, the performance of budget, how the resources of the project are utilized and the inter-related projects. 
  • It enhances better project results: it improves the working condition of the project team members thereby resulting in improved project results.



Best Enterprise project management tools


Some of the best enterprise project management tools that can be used by project management teams are listed below:


Sinnaps:  It is an enterprise project management tool that ensures ease of project management by aiding the team in planning the activities of their project. It has an interface that can be easily used by the project team and it is embedded with Gantt charts and Kanban boards that promote effective collaboration and communication thereby ensuring that the project team members are on the same page, on the project.

Wrike: It is effective enterprise work management software for online project management. It is a flexible tool that allows the collaboration of multifunctional groups to communicate from a single location. It allows the project team to schedule, prioritize their activities and properly keep track of the project activities in real-time.

Jira: It is useful for agile teams in their software development project. It allows for planning, tracking, and managing software release. It can create user stories and issues, plan sprints and distribute tasks across the project team members without any hassle. Also, it is effective for prioritizing the team’s tasks and will aid the team in gaining visibility into the activities of the project. 

Smartsheet: an easy-to-use enterprise project management tool. It allows the project team to collaborate effectively on its interface thereby ensuring that complex projects are managed with ease. It is a flexible tool that enables the project team to access tasks, calendars, files and project details from any device to enhance the decision-making effort of the team.


In enterprise project management software comparison, what each project team aims to achieve in their project can be different and this plays a crucial role in their choice of enterprise project management software. 


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Enterprise project management solutions


No doubt, getting the desired outcomes from a project can sometimes be a hard nut to crack. However, with enterprise project management solutions, project managers are afforded a vital tool for scheduling and allocating the resources of a project to achieve the organizational goals. 

Enterprise project management solution offers various organizations easy business software that enables them to run the day-to-day activities of their business with great efficiency. Enterprise project management solution provides a tool that can be used as project timeline software to maximize every schedule in a project.

Furthermore, it can be leveraged as a project planning software to painstakingly plan the activities to be undertaken in a project. 

In reality, no organization can achieve optimum productivity without an employee management structure in place, enterprise project management solutions offer employee management software that harnesses the skills of every employee in an organization. As workforce management software, it will aid in the task of grouping the workforce into shift without any conflict.


Agile project management software 


An agile project is embarked upon by agile teams to develop new software. In doing so, agile project teams make use of agile project management software to manage every iteration in the software development process. 

Agile project management software helps them in maintaining focus on the continuous releases and integration of the feedback of customers. 

Engineering project management software is useful for engineering projects. They aid in planning and tracking the phases involved in the engineering projects to achieve the desired milestones. 

No doubt, engineering is a field that requires precision. Hence the reason for the integration of Gantt charts software for project management in engineering for proper allocation of project resources. Also, it allows the project team to gain a visual overview of their projects to ensure proper management.

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