The bottom line of any business endeavour is profit. This profit however will remain elusive in a business setting where there is no way to track productivity.


Online Time Tracker


Every minute spent in a business is considered very valuable, thus the ability to track and manage time can well be considered the single most important determinant of success or failure of a business. Managers want to know how much time employees are putting into work, what can be done to improve productivity and habits to imbibe to increase efficiency. Read further to see how Sinnaps Online Project Management Software can revolutionize the way you do business by offering simplified time tracking features through which you easily get to see how each minute is spent.

The single most difficult aspect of implementing time tracking in business, is getting employees to embrace and make use of time keeping software. Experience has taught managers that micromanaging employees do very little to improve their overall performance – they can’t possibly spend every passing moment working in the office.  Moreover, implementing a rigid time management strategy in the workplace only does more in demoralizing employees than motivate them.

The question now remains: How can businesses implement online time tracking strategies and productivity time trackers that not only gets employees to fully embrace the idea, but one which can invariably improve performance and generally lead to improved business growth?


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Online Time Tracker


In every establishment, employees are assigned different tasks which leaves a lot for them to do. Adding any extra to their already cumbersome task may not be perceived to be in their best interest. The best strategy therefore is to make use of online time tracker software and daily time tracker apps which make the process of time tracking as easy as possible. Employees would readily accept

automated time trackers which allows them to simply hit a few simple buttons rather than one where they have to navigate endlessly through different windows in a bid to log time. Simple time tracker apps will get the job done.



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Time Tracker for Mac


Among all other website time trackers available today, the use of online time trackers clearly offers greater value.  As against going through the fuss of writing things down on a piece of paper which may be lost or destroyed, or making rough estimations of the amount of time you’ve been on an activity which can be grossly inaccurate, businesses should implement free work time trackers online. This method yields the greatest results as compared to the rest, with its main appeal being that of automatic time tracking with a software that can record all activities even down to every second.

Among the top features of using Sinnaps time tracker for Mac include the following:

  • Task tracking – seamlessly allows you to keep track of all your working times without the need to fill out timesheets
  • Built-in collaboration – Keep every team member on the same page, including sharing of real-time updates as well as important notifications
  • Task comments – Easily create and manage conversation about your task
  • Time analytics – Visual display of time required for completion of tasks, milestones as well as detailed performance reports


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Best Time Tracker


Different task time trackers exist. The best free online time trackers however are those that offer the following:

  • Allow accurate measurement of employee activities
  • Offers features which support remote working
  • Increase transparency of your business
  • Foster a culture of openness thereby increasing trust between employee and management


How Can You Make Time-tracking Easy?


If you’re concerned about the work your employees are doing – and you should be, then you need to know the simple tips and strategies to get them to value, accept and make use of project time tracker apps.

  • Incentivise time tracking – offer incentives to employees who makes the most judicious use of their time
  • Make time tracking a collective effort – Desist from the urge of wanting to impose the activity on employees. Rather, you should let them know that you have started using it, and they should join in too.
  • Offer flexibility – where possible, allow your employees to choose their time, as they clearly understand what works best for them 


Activity time tracker


The method of time tracking which involves the use of online time tracker software provides a more practical and meaningful approach to employee time management.

As an advantage over other types, time management trackers provides a comprehensive approach that monitors time spent on tasks, files, collaboration as well as other activities as it relates to a business.

The use of staff time trackers among other advantages will ensure that employees do not waste meaningful time on unimportant tasks by accurately capturing the amount of time spent on individual tasks, track employee attendance, collect data and provide visual analytics as well as generate reports and lots more.


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