Project Management Definition


Project management is the use of tools, skills, techniques and knowledge that are used to complete the activities of a task and meet the goals and objectives of a project. Project management is carried out throughout the lifecycle of the project and involves the definition of the project’s objective, the formation of a team, task management and client relations.


The Objective of the Project


The project management definition absolutely must include the activity of defining the project’s objective or goal. This is the starting point of any project. Any key stakeholders should be involved in the process of defining the project’s objectives. It important to generate a clear goal so that the people involved can have a clear visualisation of what is expected and concentrate their efforts working towards a clear and consistent goal that everyone is in agreement over.


The Lifecycle of the Project


The life cycle of a project essentially defines the path a project will follow from its beginning to its end. The first stage is known as Conception and Initiation which is when a project’s need is identified. Definition and Planning is the next stage during which the goals of the project are set, which should be S.M.A.R.T and clear. You can plan your project effectively with Sinnaps Gantt-flow.


After planning the project, a project team moves onto the Execution stage of the project under the guidance of a project manager.

Work is assigned to each individual and resources are shared out. Sinnaps resource planning and tracking tool makes resource allocation and control very effective.

While executing the project, the Control phase comes into play. Tracking tools in Sinnaps can be used and constant updates are sent to team members on the project’s progress.

The last phase is project Closure which can include a closure meeting and also the generation of points about what was done well and not so well in the project so that the team can learn for the future.


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Project Tasks


Tasks form a major part of project management. If you would like to complete your project efficiently and effectively it is important that you know how to manage tasks in an effective and efficient manner. A task is a single unit of work, something to be done as part of the project. It can be seen as one step of a full staircase to a project. Project management is essentially the coordination of these individual tasks.


Task management involves the managing of a task through its own life-cycle. This includes the planning of the task, and estimation of its duration and scheduling the task to fit in well with the overall project. It is also important to track and monitor the tasks dependencies and milestones, if applicable.


Project Management Definition




People in the project management definition refer to the human capital involved in taking a project from its conception stage all the way to its successful completion. The people that make up a project team and produce work need to receive updates about the project and be communicated with in a clear and consistent manner. With Sinnaps, the people involved in the project have constant access to it wherever they may be since Sinnaps only requires a web browser.


The Client


When defining project management, it is important not to forget about the importance of the client. A client is for whom the project is being completed and it is essential to effectively manage client relations. This can be done in several ways. Most importantly, a client is strongly involved in the scope management of a project when the project objective is defined, and work is planned. The client should have input in this process as their agreement is crucial before beginning project work.

Another important aspect to remember with regards to the client is their awareness of project progress. They should feel that they are being updated appropriately to calm any worries and also can give valuable support to a project tea when needed. Sinnaps allows you to generate automatic project reports that can be sent to the client so that they can become aware of how things are going.



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The project management definition touches on various aspects associated with project management. It is crucial to understand these aspects and to apply the appropriate project management tools, available with Sinnaps to make your management process as effective and efficient as can be.


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