If you work with a team of associates and need to manage the Sinnaps plans for all of them, you can do it from a single account.

Sinnaps allows you to invite other users to the app’s various payment plans, and manage team licences.

This way, team licences and billing details are paid from a single account.




The system is simple. When a user has a pre-existing payment plan contracted, Sinnaps will let them invite the person they need, in order to more completely manage their work with one of our plans.

Note: a user with a payment plan arising from an invitation can’t invite a third party in. This can only be done by adding in their payment details.


If you want to invite someone…

Just access User Settings in the profile. Once there, on the Team Licence Management panel, find the user you wish to start on the payment plan: Project Manager or Business Manager. Then, send them an invitation, selecting the corresponding licence.



They’ll receive an email letting them know you’ve invited them onto a Sinnaps payment plan. The new plan will only be activated in the account upon validation.

The invitee can continue working with a more comprehensive plan. Consult all the advantages you can obtain with Sinnaps licences.

It is important to stress that the licence status in the Team Licence Management panel will remain ‘pending’ until the invitation is validated.


Change the licence of a user you have invited

In order to change the plan for someone you have invited, you’ll need to deactivate the licence from the User Settings panel, Team Licence Management, and invite them to take up the new licence.




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