Project management is a discipline that is used to effectively manage projects and their running with the objective being reaching the end goal of the project successfully. It is widely used by all types of organisations as with it come a multitude of benefits for all involved. In this article, you will learn about those specific benefits and how the benefits of project management software such as Sinnaps can improve your projects and the way in which you manage them.


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What is Project Management?


To understand the benefits of using project management, it is important to first gain an understanding of what project management is specifically. Project management involves the use of various principles, procedures and policies that are established to guide a project from its conception stage all the way along until its completion. 

Every project management professional will admit that planning and organisation are major parts of project management as well as the implementation of created plans. A project itself, is described as a specific start undertaken with parameters designed to be followed in order to produce a defined outcome.

A plan is used to guide all aspects of a project along the project management basic steps; a path from start to finish, highlighting the importance of project planning. The ideal goal of effective project management and the role of project manager work is to reach the expected outcome of a project on time and within budget. Through anticipating certain challenges and bottlenecks of a project and coordinating an efficient and effective team, Sinnaps, the online project management app, can greatly increase the probability of a project reaching its goals in the most ideal way.


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Benefits of effective Project Management


What are the benefits of project management? Firstly, project management is beneficial. Secondly, effective project management is even more beneficial. Everyone involved in the process is essentially benefitted and this is what makes PM vital for any organisation. Everyone from the manager to the client and the external stakeholders see the advantages of project management. The application of skills, knowledge, techniques and tools allow for expectations to be met effectively and efficiently.

Some of the benefits that project management brings to the table include:

  1. Service delivery efficiency: A project management plan serves as a map or a guide that a team can easily follow. At the end of the map lies successful project completion. The fact that project management allows for the identification of any risks or bottlenecks makes the work done smarter and to an increase in success, essential for satisfied clients.
  2. Increased customer satisfaction: The benefits of project management process steps lead to happier customers. Project management allows for effective time management and budget control, two aspects that increase the probability of completing a project on-time and within budget. These specific parameters are some of the most important for clients. A satisfied client is one that you will see again, which is a benefit for all involved.
  3. Service delivery effectiveness: The benefits of good project management allow for consistency. The ability to complete one project successfully will increase your chances of completing the next projects you undertake successfully also.Benefits of Project Management
  4. Team growth and development: Working in a supportive and collaborative environment stimulates team member motivation and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of work produced.
  5. Competitive advantage: Project management benefits realisation lies deeply in the fact that not only does project management advantage how you manage your project, but also how your skill in project management is perceived and can secure you a dignified position in the project management marketplace.
  6. Opportunities for expansion: The fact that project management allows for the completion of more successful projects means that more opportunities for further success are created.
  7. Improved flexibility: Thanks to the fact that project management is centred around planning, all those involved receive a clear understanding of what will be before they begin any work. This allows for flexibility in decision-making and time management.
  8. Optimised risk assessment: The benefits of risk management in projects cannot be overlooked. With the help of planning and organisation, any risks or bottlenecks that have a potential to arise throughout the project are identified in advance. This allows for time to deal with these risks effectively and to prepare, which cuts any negative impact they may have significantly or eliminates them completely.
  9. Increase in quality outcomes: Due to the effectives that the benefits of project management methodology bring about, the quality of outcomes will be improved and evident.
  10. Increased quantity: Due to the increased efficiency that the benefits of project management process create, the quantity of projects completed is increased as a result of the improved efficiency.


Benefits of Project Management to an Organisation


Project management is vital to any organisation. All organisations have projects that they need to undertake. Various methodologies can be used to manage projects, but of benefits of agile project management stand out. Sinnaps, the online project management tool uses this specific method for its flexibility, forecasting and effectiveness in overall project planning. Besides, it’s good to know some of these project management functions to understand the scope of your projects.

Teamwork has become an integral part of nearly every organisation. The benefits of team synergies cannot be ignored and the skills transferral and learning opportunities are beneficial both to individuals and to organisations due to the improved outcomes and results. One of the benefits of using project management techniques is that teamwork is stimulated which has a direct impact on the organisation as a whole.

Uncertainty is something that every organisation experiences. When deciding on a strategy to pursue, the ability to look into a crystal ball would be invaluable, but unfortunately, is impossible. Project management is about as close to this as an organisation can get. The forecasting capabilities driven by planning and anticipation allow for effective decision-making and preparation. One of the benefits of project management software, such as Sinnaps, is that potential future outcomes can be visualised through graphs and charts which help to paint a clearer picture of what lies ahead.

One of the benefits of being a project manager is that they are at the forefront in creating a way for organisational leader to visualise, analyse and understand information. Effective project managers become invaluable to an organisation and their work and expertise helps organisations to find solutions to any potential issue or problem with the help of project management methodologies. If an organisation have many projects, project management is also beneficial through the benefits of project portfolio management.

With the help of problem solving processes, issues are identified prior to their occurrence. This allows organisations to weigh out their options and decide on the most effective solution. Team members bring their own skillsets and diversity in opinion from which the best solution can be generated as well as promoting inclusion and stimulating motivation. Project management creates a cycle of benefits for an organisation.


Benefits of Project Management to an individual


Apart from being beneficial to an organisation, project management is beneficial to the individuals involved in any project. The benefits of having a project manager include the organisation and structure they bring to the process, but apart from that, there are benefits for the individual as well, some of which include:

  • Clearer understanding of the project: Project management means making plans and having frequent team meeting. In this way, team members and even the project manager gains a clearer understanding of the project of a whole and of its goal. Breaking down the project allows for a further clear understanding of the steps needed to be taken and what they entail.Benefits of Project Management
  • Clear goals and expectations: Along with the clearer understanding of the project and each of its components, individuals such as team members understand what is expected of them. Due to precise goals being set, individuals can focus and centre their attention of what needs to be achieved.
  • Organisation: With the help of certain tools that come along with project management, individuals find it easier to prioritise and organise their tasks and time. Reminder and change updates keep people on-task. This allows for improved time management and the quality of deliverables.
  • Collaboration: Project management promotes teamwork through team-based interfaces in project management software. In-chat features allow for constant consultation around any doubts or problems. Skills can be transferred and generally a positive and supportive environment is stimulated where valuable work can be produced.
  • Increased commitment: Gaining a clearer understanding of the project that you are part of stimulates motivation. Being part of a team and feeling part of a supportive network where others are dependent on your work stimulate commitment to what you are working on and as a result, better results.


Benefits of Project Management Tools with Sinnaps


Project management comes with many benefits and the benefits of project management software are numerous. Most of these benefits are aided with the help of specific tools that project management software, such as Sinnaps, include. With Sinnaps, project management benefits are magnified and the results are measurable. Here are some examples of how Sinnaps brings benefit not only to project management but also directly to the results of your project.

Change is constant. The environment which surround us today is filled with uncertainties that bring about the need for change. It is not something to feared, but rather something that requires careful decision-making and analytical skill. Sinnaps’ Test Mode feature allows project managers to visualise how a specific change would influence the project before finally implementing it. This reduces the risk of a mistake being made and makes the decisions taken more effective.


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Sinnaps presents an updated version of the traditional Gantt Chart called the Gantt-flow. This is a more user-friendly and interactive version that includes the project’s critical path. Through the use of CPM and PERT technologies, the critical path of the project is automatically generated. It identifies the key tasks of the project according to criticality and clearly identifies task dependencies. This is one of the main benefits of project scope management.

Communication is essential to effective project management and is one of the features that brings benefit to all involved. Sinnaps’ in-chat features allow team members to stay in contact and to resolves any problems or doubts relating to specific project tasks. This greatly reduces error and stimulates a supportive environment.

Apart from the in-chat features, there is also a project wall where any changes or updates that have been made are shown. Team members are kept up to speed on what is happening and given the opportunity to ask questions or resolve issues in time. This stimulates motivation as members feel they are included in the process and results in improved outcomes.

Performance is measured with Sinnaps with the Key Performance Indicators. Here, all those involved in the project can consult the measures to see whether the project is on track, the resources are being used properly and whether it is staying within budget. In terms of control and monitoring and their benefits, this tool is crucial.



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Weekly updates are sent to everyone involved in the project to keep people reminded about how the project is going and whether there is anything that require specific attention. This allows for problems to be nipped in the bud before they potentially get out of hand.


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Hopefully, you now have a clearer understanding of project management concepts and benefits.  Through the implementation of specific project management methodologies and applying the discipline in an effective manner the focus of your project becomes clear and centred. As a result, the likelihood of reaching your goal successfully and within a specific time and budget is greatly increased. With the help of project management, everyone is a winner, which is probably its greatest benefit of all. 😉

Here at Sinnaps, we love hearing your opinion and are ready to answer any questions you may have. Leave us a comment below and give this article a like if you enjoyed it or it helped you in any way!

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