Project Management functions describe essentially the functions of project management; what does it do and how can it help my project? 


project management


There are various project management functions and some of the most notable, that Sinnaps integrates into its Software are the following…


Project Management Functions


The project scope is a part of project planning that involves outlining and documenting a list of specific project goals, deliverables, features, functions, tasks, deadlines, and costs. It acts as a summary of what the project’s end goal is and a clear definition of what is expected and how the work will be carried out.

This is an important project management function as the scope is agreed upon by all the stakeholders involved in the different types of project. Sinnaps includes tools such as document templates and the Gantt-flow that allow you and your team to define the project scope statement effectively.


project life cycle



Every project will incur some amount of costs. These costs are agreed upon in project scope management and should be monitored and followed throughout the project. Tools such as KPIs which are included in Sinnaps help you to keep control over project costs, what you are spending and on what and whether you are keeping with the defined budget.



When planning a project, its expected duration is defined and each of the tasks and activities making up the project are fitted into the specified timeline. Sinnaps is an effective time management tool that clearly highlights when an activity should be stared and by what date and time it should be completed. Weekly progress reports keep team members up to date on whether they are keeping with the time constraints or not.

An activity that is overdue is automatically highlighted so that the persons responsible are aware. KPIs also serve as a visualisation of whether timing is on track or should be revised. Time is of the essence and Sinnaps understands this.


Team Building

A project cannot be carried out without a team. People are an essential part of any project and should be valued accordingly. Team members are added to the project on Sinnaps and they have constant access to the project no matter where they are and what time it is. This is because all you need to access Sinnaps is a web browser.

Tasks and activities can be allocated to more than one person giving scope for collaboration and creative problem solving.



Clear and honest communication is crucial to effective project management and is one of the most important project management functions. Sinnaps includes a number of communication tools that emphasise its importance.

A project wall demonstrates in real time any project changes that have been introduced or any completed tasks, so that any dependent tasks can be started.

A live in-chat feature allows team member to communicate under specific tasks and to resolve any issues or doubts or to simply chat with other people.

Communicative consistency is key and therefore Sinnaps sends any updates to team members’ emails so that they are up to date on how the project is going even if they are not currently in the app.



Often, projects are completed in-house for an organisation or for an external client. The reality of the situation is that if you want a repeat customer (who doesn’t?), your project result need to meet and if possible, go beyond certain quality standards.



Change and risk is constant in the field of project management. Thankfully project management functions such as risk management allow project teams to take back control over the risks and to face them in a collected and organised manner. As the saying goes ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ and this stands true for risk management.


Project Management Functions: Project Simulations


Sinnaps Test Mode tool allows project managers to test specific changes and to see their effects on the project before making a final decision. Setting out a clear method of how changes will be dealt with is also a way of preparing your team to deal with them effectively. When planning your project with Sinnaps, any potential bottlenecks are highlighted along the Gantt-flow so that you can see any risks before they happen.


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Besides, we have put together a list of project management issues and solutions which project managers are likely to encounter while on a project.


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