Optimum productivity is the main goal of every business organization and several factors are responsible. No doubt, effective communication is one of them, as it plays a crucial role in the success of a business establishment. 

Effective communication in the workplace simplifies the process of exchanging vital information and ideas between the workforce thereby bridging the gap in communication which otherwise would be detrimental to the success and growth of the organization.

With effective communication in the workplace, you are assured of having a positive work environment that promotes harmony and synergy in your firm. It enables you as an employer to properly harness the skills and potentials of your workforce thereby enhancing the productivity of your organization.

According to statistics, it was reported that 57% of workers made a case of not being given clear directions about their tasks and 69% of business managers are uncomfortable communicating with their workforce. 

Without mincing words, the reality in most workplace is the lack of effective communication thereby causing them to experience confusion and wastage of time.

 Are you puzzled about this as a business manager? Do away with your fear. In this article, we will discuss effective communication in the workplace and how it can be achieved. 


effective communication plan in the workplace


Effective communication in the workplace: why it is essential


Effective communication is a crucial tool that every organization must hold in high esteem as it helps in building trust among the employees. 

Also, it is an asset that you can leverage on to beat off competition in your sector because it improves the motivation of the workers. This increases the individual input to the growth of the firm which in turn yields increased output.

The following are the importance of having good communication in the workplace. 

  • It enhances team building: effective communication allows collaboration among the workforce which enables them to build a formidable team that is up to the task in delivering quality service to the customers.
  • It improves innovation in the workplace: having good communication in the workplace boosts the innovation of the workers because they are allowed to opine their views without harbouring any fear of rejection. This enables them to showcase their creativity. 
  • It makes every worker feel valued: effective communication will afford them the freedom to contribute to any issue regarding the growth of the organization. In doing so, they will have a sense of belonging in the organization and make them loyal to such organization.
  • It improves the efficiency of the workforce: it allows the workers to interact with one another and in the process; they will learn from one another and enhance their overall efficiency.

In every organization, stakeholders’ engagement is vital because it is an avenue for the sharing of information that will propel its growth. Effective communication helps stakeholders in maximizing stakeholder communication plans to ensure that the desired goals are achieved. 

Again, it simplifies the process of disseminating the communication plan to the relevant stakeholders, and being in the know of who should be given specific information. 

No doubt, change is inevitable in any organization and the onus is on the management to put in place a communication plan to manage any change that could spring up. A communication plan will assist the management in getting everyone on the same page and keep them engaged to manage any change. 

Furthermore, every business organization must put a measure in place to aid collaborative communication. This helps in building a connection between the management and employees to ensure that everyone is valued.

In project management, project communication management will help in managing the process that is required to ensure timely and adequate planning of the activities of the project to achieve the desired milestones.


Improving communication in the workplace


Improving the communication of the workforce entails integrating certain activities to improve communication communication skills  in the workplace.

The following are effective communication strategies in the workplace:

  • Embrace the use of the right tools: you must integrate business tools that will aid your workers in communicating and collaborating easily with one another. For example, Sinnaps, an online project management tool can be used as a business tool in your firm. It is a planning tool and is useful for building teamwork through collaboration. It comes with an easy-to-use interface that will create the right synergy among your workforce. 
  • Imbibe the two-way communication in your organization: this enables your workers to ask questions or make their opinion known to others. This empowers them and makes them better and results in increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Appreciate them when they do things right: one of the ways to improve communication at work is by appreciating your workers for doing the right thing. It serves as extra motivation for them to put in more effort.
  • Have a constructive feedback system in place: human beings need feedback to have an understanding of whether they are meeting the desired expectations or not. As a manager, you must ensure that the feedback that your workers are getting from you is constructive. This ensures they get to know what they are doing well and what they need to improve on.  
  • Organize weekly team meetings: team meetings allow workers to share goals for the week, identify the bottleneck and get to know what everybody in the team will work on. This ensures transparency and promotes collaboration among the workforce. 


Effective communication in the workplace examples


Below is effective communication in the workplace:

XYZ as an organization aims to improve communication in its workplace to improve her operational efficiency. As part of this effort, XYZ will start having weekly meetings where the management and workers will come together to discuss the weekly tasks and how they will be undertaken. 

With this, the organization hopes that there will be an improvement in communication among the workforce.

Furthermore, XYZ will plan to organize team bonding activities quarterly to bring workers together and get to know each other better to boost their ability to communicate and collaborate while discharging their duties.


effective commnication in the workplace



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