As a project manager, it is important to consider employee motivation. Projects and their success often depend on whether or not employee motivation is treated with proper consideration. The reasons for this include:

  • It impacts the performance and quality of employee’s work
  • Rate of output, a motivated employee is far less likely to waste time and more likely to spend time working
  • Employees will usually go above and beyond their duties when properly motivated


Employee Motivation Project


How to motivate employees


Every employee is different, this means asking questions such as “How to motivate employees” or “How to motivate a team” will lead to multi-faceted answers and it means there are many motivation techniques.

There are multiple general things that you can do in order to make effective ways to motivate employees and potentially lead to getting a better idea of what to do to motivate specific employees.  Knowing what motivates people to work, applying motivational strategies for employees are all very useful pieces of information to know, and so methods of motivation include:

  • Encouragement – Encourage employees to share ideas and thoughts on how they can improve the way in which they perform their job alongside making the workplace more employee-friendly
  • Ensure you are educating, training and communicating with your employees in such a way that everyone knows and understands the organisation’s mission, values, vision and guidelines.
  • Make an effort to reward and recognise employee who proactively participate in making decisions related to improving and enhancing their productivity
  • Make them confident that if their approach/suggestion is reasonable, they need not consult the supervisor every time until and unless intervention is actually required. This helps to increase the employee’s confidence.

Sinnaps, project management software, can be used to accomplish all of this when used correctly to convey information and ideas that relate to carrying out each of these things during a project.


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Motivational quotes for employees


Making the workplace more positive for employees can be done in a number of ways, such using motivational quotes for employees. Motivational quotes for employees are helpful as they can serve to reinforce and instil positive mentalities and approaches towards working, allowing them to be more productive and efficient within their jobs.

For example, Sinnaps can be used to effectively display and show multiple motivation quotes for employees, making it an ideal way to display these quotes. Including motivational quotes can be an effective employee motivation project, as motivation messages for employees provides positive reinforcement and acts as employee encouragement.

Here are some examples of motivational quotes:

  • “Make each day your masterpiece” – John Wooded
  • “Don’t count the days, make the days count” – Muhammed Ali
  • “Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you’ll be able to see further.” – Thomas Carlyle
  • “Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you’re right.” – Henry Ford
  • “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle




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Business motivation


Business motivation involves the process of staying motivated during the process of managing, building or maintaining a business. There are many ways to go about doing this however, but the most important aspects to consider involve keeping a positive mindset and being resilient to setbacks.

Another way to reinforce positive mindsets would be to look at motivational quotes made by people who have also started and ran a successful business. Sinnaps, once again can be used to help display these quotes and can also be used to help keep business motivation high by managing and handling projects in an intuitive manner.


Team motivation ideas


Team motivation ideas can be done effectively as within a team you can use a variety of methods that take advantage of the fact that multiple people are working together; you can do things like building trust and positive attitudes within a team so that teams work better together. Other important, useful methods for team motivation include:

  • Motivational activities and games for employees – This involves making games out of the process, offering rewards for when the team’s goals and achievements are met. This increases employee engagement.
  • Be positive – Teams work better when all members are positive, including the boss.
  • Demonstrate trust – Allow employees to complete work on their own accord.
  • Recognise accomplishments regularly – This creates positive reinforcement, as employees will be more likely to work hard when their efforts are appreciated and acknowledged publicly. It is also important to provide rewards for this hard work because incentives to motivate employees are effective means of keeping employees motivated.

These types of employee motivation are usable with Sinnaps, it can be used to carry out a lot of these, as it has an extensive number of features that enable useful communication of ideas and concepts. You can also manage projects using Sinnaps, so you can allocate jobs to specific members of the team, allowing you to create employee motivation project report and motivational tools for employees.


Herzberg theory of motivation in the workplace


The Herzberg theory of motivation in the workplace is related to what people want in the workplace – what motivates them to keep working and stay motivated. A study was conducted by Fredrick Herzberg, and his findings led to the Herzberg-Hygeine Theory, also known as the Herzberg Two Factor Theory.

It was found that there are certain characteristics that can be aligned with job satisfaction and dissatisfaction. It was also found that they are not direct opposites.

This meant that it didn’t necessarily mean that even if dissatisfaction conditions were removed, it didn’t mean that they would be motivated.

The Herzberg theory listed the job hygiene, or satisfaction, factors as the following:

  • Salaries, Wages and other Benefits
  • Company Policy and Administration
  • Good inter-personal relationships
  • Quality of Supervision
  • Job Security
  • Working Conditions
  • Work/Life Balance

No dissatisfaction was said to occur when these factors were in place.

The motivation factors were the following:

  • Sense of personal achievement
  • Status
  • Recognition
  • Challenging/Stimulating Work
  • Responsibility
  • Opportunity for advancement
  • Promotion
  • Growth

When the above factors were in place, workers were said to be highly motivated, satisfied and had strong commitment.

Motivation is an incredibly important aspect of the workplace, and keeping employees motivated can not only improve their experience but the business overall as well. The information discussed in this article should be helpful in ensuring that workers stay motivated.


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