Looking at incremental vs radical innovation will help us to understand both concepts. Incremental innovation is seen as essential for today’s companies in order to help them stay relevant and up to speed with consumer demands.

In this article, we will take a look at what is incremental innovation, some incremental innovation examples, incremental innovation vs radical innovation and how Sinnaps project management software can help you to manage your projects.


Incremental Innovation


Incremental Innovation


Incremental innovation describes small improvements or upgrades, that often occur as a series made to an organisation’s current products, services, processes or even methods. Improvements brought about by incremental innovation are usually centred around improving the efficiency, productivity and differentiation of products.

The consumer technology industry has seen a significant rise in innovation as organisations are continuously striving to add customer-friendly features to the devices that they sell. Incremental innovation often helps to improve the market position of a product, if successful.

Besides, technological innovations or innovative technology refers to the creation of new products and processes including significant technological changes or using innovative technology.


Incremental Innovation Examples


New innovations are constantly being sought out as innovation engineering is what is changing our world. We’ve explained the theory, but now let’s take a look at some incremental innovation examples:

  • Gmail: Google’s email service Gmail is a great example of incremental innovation. Good example of it, is Google’s Gmail, the world’s most popular email service. When first launched, it delivered emails quickly and as time went on new features have been added that further improve the service and make it more useful for users.
  • Coca-Cola: The company extended its line by introducing flavours such as Coke with lime, Cherry Coke and even a drink called Coca-Cola Life, which has allowed the brand to stay relevant and exciting throughout the years.
  • Cars: Cars and automobiles in general have experienced a lot of radical incremental innovation. The cars of today are a lot different to the cars that were around as little as 20 years ago. Electric windows, air bags, cup holders and ABS brakes are all examples of the incremental innovations made to cars.


Incremental and Radical Innovation


Incremental and radical innovation are both types of innovation, however when looking at it in terms of incremental vs radical innovation there are a few key differences.

A radical innovation, which is also known as a disruptive innovation is one that produces a significant impact on the market or the economic activities of the market. Radical innovation can even produce new markets, make existing markets obsolete or change the structure of an existing market. The impact is much more evident rather than the novelty.

Incremental innovation, on the other hand is the most prevalent and is the most dominant form. With incremental innovation vs radical innovation, the latter is a more complex process, while incremental innovation can be a more discrete process. Smaller firms tend to introduce radical innovation, while larger organisations place more focus on the incremental innovation for their products and services. The diffusion of radical innovations almost always depends on innovation improvements.


Incremental Innovation with Sinnaps


Are you planning for incremental innovation of your products or services? Try managing your innovation projects with Sinnaps project management software. You can plan your work tasks along a modern and easy-to-use Gantt flow chart so that you and your team can easily visualise the work to be done.

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Assign team members to tasks easily and monitor their work progress. Any doubts or questions can be easily resolved with communication tools such as the live in-chat features and project wall. You and your team members will also receive weekly email updates letting you know how the project is going.


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A Control Panel Based on Earned Value (EVM)



In terms of incremental innovation vs radical innovation, there are several key differences as we have seen. However, one thing is the same: both require careful resource planning and management. Sinnaps allows you to plan out your resources for each task and to monitor their use and consumption across the whole project. Manage the resources used in your project.

You may be managing multiple innovation projects at the same time. Thankfully, Sinnaps lets you manage multiple projects at the same time easily. You can choose the projects that you want to review and you also have constant access to each of them, allowing for effective and efficient project management.



Overall, incremental innovation is happening all around us every day. It has become imperative for organisations to continuously adapt their products and services in the fast-paced environment in which we live.

Thankfully, Sinnaps project management software is here to help and support your incremental innovation projects. Try it out for yourself today! 🙂

Besides, creativity and innovation quotes are invaluable to people who are thinking of getting their business ideas off the ground. They serve as motivation and inspiration.

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