Innovation is defined as the process of making an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value and/or for which customers will pay. There are many different types of examples of innovation such as social innovation examples, incremental innovation examples and open innovation examples among others.

In this article, we will look at product innovation examples, radical innovation examples, process innovation examples, technological innovation examples and how Sinnaps, the project management software can support your innovation projects and helps you with your different examples of innovation. 


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Product Innovation Examples


All innovation strategy examples with start off with product innovation examples. Product innovation involves creating new products or improved versions of existing products that increase and improve their use. Here are some creativity and innovation examples:

  • The electronics company LG introduced a new type of screen that is flexible enough to roll up like a newspaper. This is one of the clearest invention and innovation examples as it solves the problem of portability.  
  • The Ludlow Traveller suit is an innovation example from J.Crew as it is made with rumple-proof technology which means no wrinkles to your suit and ensures that it always looks freshly ironed- a major time and effort saving innovation.


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Radical Innovation Examples


One example of radical innovation comes from Amazon, one of the best service innovation examples. The launching of Dash Buttons, which is a small wifi connected device that allows you to reorder household essentials with ease is an innovation that drastically improves efficiency in the home.

Salesforce is another company to have launched a truly radical innovation and it is also one of the strongest marketing innovation examples. Its CRM system harnesses the new technology platform in the form of cloud computing and a new business model. Since the company began in 1999, innovation has been at the centre of its practices and it has be named the one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies four years in a row by Forbes, making it one of the most obvious business innovative culture examples.


Process Innovation Examples


Zara is one of greatest process innovation examples, especially in terms of examples of innovation in the workplace. They do not spend money on advertising and instead leave it to word of mouth and the labelling on their bags. Zara has also developed a process to be able to respond quickly to market demands and have an innovative manufacturing process to help optimise their response to market demands.

They also re-design and only 15-25% of their clothes are produced before the season and 50-60% during the beginning of the season. Everything else is produced during the season so that they can meet customer wishes.

Zara’s process innovation allows the company to be effectively market-responsive and gives them a top position among high street fashion brands and it is definitely one of the most highlighted management examples of innovation. If you have an innovative process idea and want to put it to work, try planning it implementation with Sinnaps, the cloud-based project design option that will automatically calculate the critical path of your workflow.


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Technological Innovation Examples


One of the most useful technological innovation examples are the innovations in renewable energy. The innovations include technological inventions such as wind turbines, photovoltaic cells, concentrated solar power, geothermal energy, ocean wave power and many other emerging innovations. These value innovation examples of disruptive technology will undoubtedly add value to sustainable development.


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Examples of Innovation in Business


  • Google: Google is one of the most prominent computing innovation examples, offering a much better online experience for consumers. It also is included as one of the biggest breakthrough innovation examples from it introduction of Adwords, which changed the advertising world.
  • Facebook: Facebook is regarded as one of the most successful innovation examples and established the social network market.  
  • WhatsApp: established the personal communications market, one of the best examples of being innovative with consumers’ day to day activities.

Overall, innovation is very important to business, especially in today’s hyper-competitive environment. In this article, we looked at organizational innovation examples and at different types of innovation with examples. Besides, here you can find some innovate quotes for inspiring yourself.

 Leave a comment down below with some of your favourite business innovations or innovation at work examples! 😊


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