Finding innovative business solutions can be helpful for solving the problems that you constantly face during a project at any point during its lifespan and can serve to make things considerably more efficient, effective and beneficial for all parties involved.


Innovative Business Solutions


For example, project management software is a good example of business innovation because it allows people to better organise their projects. Another example would be database software that can store information and allow you to use it at the relevant time, such as when customers revisit your website, as you can then tailor the website to show and offer information relevant to them.


Innovative Business Solutions


Examples of innovative solutions to problems generally improve on existing products, services or processes meaning it should solve a problem or reach new customers. Generally speaking, no matter what the problem, you can find good results by following the five steps listed below when trying to innovate:

  • Figure out the problem you’re trying to solve – this means to have a clear understanding of what exactly it is you’re trying to tackle. If you can’t clearly define this, it will be difficult to even understand what you’re trying to fix. Focus on solving and dealing with the priorities that need to be tackled. Asking questions like ‘what is missing from this that could make it better’ or ‘how can we make this process more efficient’ or ‘how can we increase the functionality of this’ are all good practices to take you towards the next step of this process.
  • Analyse the problem – this means to look at the problem from all possible angles, observing and recording every variable that has an influence or effect on the problem. How does the problem occur, what are the causes, are there special circumstance that are a cause or effect of this problem and so on. Timeframe, meaning how long it has been going on for and what effect time has had on it needs to be considered.
  • Classify criteria – this means to define the important and relevant criteria related to solving a problem. Will the decision be based on existing standards or will you use special criteria for this specific problem?
  • Create multiple solutions – Variety has plenty of benefits and therefore you need to explore every possible solution to the problem; simply stopping at the first solution you find isn’t the best practice to undertake. Assess the pros and cons of each to ensure that the solution is the best possible one.
  • Choose the best possible solution – once you’ve followed each the previous steps, a decision must be made and carried out. Choose the solution that’s best suited to your problems and follow that one.


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There are many business innovation systems tools available, one good example is Sinnaps, which is an excellent project management tool. By providing users with an innovative way to not only organise projects, but also communicate with employees and assign them to these projects. It also lets you communicate well with stakeholders. Sinnaps is able to innovatively calculate the critical paths and critical activities in the project automatically, allowing you to better manage and handle the projects you are undertaking.



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Other examples include using automated applications to change the way your organisation’s website deals with users; tailoring the content and suggestions you show to visitors based on what you already know about them can help immensely, Marriot did this when they needed a scalable and effective way to offer personalised information to potential customers and managed to reach a 250% improvement in bookings-per-click.

Timken, automotive products provider built a business intelligence tool to assist distributors in tracking and managing inventory. This system was able to use a vast database that help information such as vehicle registration periods, part numbers and industry repair rates and with that data provide Timken with the means to project demand and provide customers with inventory recommendations based on relevant criteria.


Innovative Employee Solutions


Innovation employee solutions can be found by following the layout described in the previous section, but innovative employee solutions need to be made with employees and the way they are allocated to a project and the way man-hours are being utilised. Being innovative with employees ensures that you’ll be able to take and use their skills to their fullest.


Innovative IT solutions


Innovative IT solutions involve improving upon and making the process of using IT within a project more efficient, functional and the like. IT makes up a huge part of project management, because of this is it effective to seek to innovate IT related processes so that you can get the most out of IT in the most efficient way possible. Sinnaps can be used with IT to help better allocate and organise project resources creating innovative tech solutions.


Working on a project and creating change simulations is now made possible with Sinnaps.



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Innovative software solutions


Innovative Software Solutions involve software being better, more efficient and effective at completing tasks and jobs. Getting the most out of software involves being able to make innovative solutions examples. Project management software an example of innovative software solutions as it is effective at what it does and has functionality built-in to better carry out tasks such as effective communication allowing you to be better equipped to create innovative processing solutions, quality innovative solutions innovative cloud solutions and so on.

Innovative Solutions require you to operate and approach the problem in a specific way so that you can effectively make improvements to systems in a way that solves problems, adds functionality and is ideally the best possible solution and innovation for your problem. Good innovative solutions can even be done for innovative graphic solutions, advanced innovative solutions, innovative merchant solutions and even global innovative solutions.


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