Innovation in the workplace is something that all organisations are trying to increase and for good reason. Outcome driven innovation is what helps to drive success. In this article, we will take a look at how to stimulate innovation in the workplace, tips on how to foster innovation and how Sinnaps project management software can help you to effectively and efficiently manage your innovation projects.


innovation in the workplace


How to Stimulate Innovation in the Workplace


  • Practice flexibility: A flexible working environment helps to increase innovation by allowing ideas to flow easily. In order to encourage innovation, it is important to stimulate comfort of the relationships between upper management and employees so that they feel more confident about coming to you with their innovative ideas.
  • Ensure that your vision is understood: In order to stimulate innovation in the workplace, it is important that your employees and team members are on board with your vision and are aligned with your company culture. However, it is also important to encourage different perspectives so as to generate ideas and encourage innovation
  • Make sure that employees are interested in the field that they work in: Employees that are passionate about the field that they are working in are more likely to produce innovative ideas. Stimulating and innovative environment is important, but it is also essential to ensure that your employees have an interest in their area of work.
  • Encourage diversity: Diversity encourages discussion and generates an array of different perspectives. For this reason, putting a team together made up of different capabilities, backgrounds and interests will greatly improve problem-solving abilities and will help to promote innovation.


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What is the Innovation Framework?


If you are wondering about how to be innovative at work or how to encourage innovation in the workplace, it is important to understand the innovation framework. This framework is individual and specific to each organisation and should be aligned with each individual corporate strategy. The framework basically describes how an organisation will work towards stimulating and promoting innovation in the workplace.

The innovation framework of an organisation should achieve the following:

  • Positively impact your organisation’s culture.
  • Increase employee engagement with innovation
  • Increase idea generation that will lead to a positive business impact.


Tips on How to Foster Innovation


If you want to stimulate and innovative work environment, the following tips on how to foster innovation can greatly help you to achieve this aim:

    • Maintain positive relationships with employees, where they feel comfortable about voicing their ideas. Sinnaps communication tools such as live in-chat features are great for stimulating conversation and discussion on any area of the project.
    • Hold brainstorming sessions.
    • Fostering innovation in the workplace is all about

      engaging employees and asking them to share their ideas.

    • Wondering how to encourage innovation in a team?

      Don’t force anyone to be innovative!


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The Importance of Innovation and Change


Today’s world is moving at an ever-growing pace and change is a constant. Therefore, promoting innovation in the workplace is becoming extremely important for any type of organisation so that they can stay relevant in the market. New technologies are constantly emerging and changing the way we do business; organisations need to be able to learn and adapt.

There are new and advancing markets like India and China that are opening up the pathways for corporations to enter and start business there. Change is something that occurs naturally and organisations that face it head on will do much better than organisations the try and avoid it. It is essential for organisations to establish an effective innovation framework, to promote innovation in a team environment and to establish a flexible organisational culture.

In this article, we covered tips on how to promote innovation in an organisation. Implementing these innovative workplace practices will help to transform your company culture towards being more adaptable and ready for change. Start managing your innovative project’s efficiently and effectively with Sinnaps today! 😊


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