Innovation development and innovation activities are essential to a growing and developing economy and society. For this reason, innovation management is key to understand for organisations and businesses in order for them to grow and develop. In this article, we will look at the basics behind innovation management, innovation training, what an innovation network is and some useful innovation websites.


innovatin management


Innovation Management


Innovation management describes the management of innovation processes along with change management. Innovation management can be the management of products, business processes and organisational innovation. Innovation performance and management is based on ISO 5050 series standards.

Innovation management can include an innovation plan for managers and engineers to derive how the desired innovation will be achieved. Using a project planning software such as Sinnaps allows you to make a detailed and comprehensive plan that will map out your work and automatically calculate a critical path of activities for you and your innovation team to follow. With innovation management, workers in an organisation at every level can contribute creatively to a company’s innovation management.  


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Innovation Network


Successful and sustainable applied innovation in the modern world requires building and developing an innovation network both in the firm and outside of it. These two types of innovation networks are known as internal and external innovation networks.

Internal innovation network: This outcome driven innovation network is based on bringing together the different business units that make up an organisation experiencing a common problem and the internal innovation network works out the strategic direction to be followed in terms of arriving at innovative management solutions.

External innovation network: It is essential to work towards building an external innovation network which consists of individuals, corporations, academic institutions, Government departments and start-ups that are willing to collaborate and share information to create new ideas and to encourage innovation.


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Organizational Innovation


Organisational innovation is about taking innovation techniques and creating or modifying business practices, the workplace and even external relations and how they are managed. Innovation project management software such as Sinnaps can be used to effectively plan and control organizational innovation.  

Intrapreneurs are often regarded as the secret weapon for organizational innovation. Change is a constant for organizations today. The ability to adapt and to be relevant is essential for companies. Stimulating intrapreneurship is one of the best innovation techniques for businesses.


Innovative Websites


An innovation manager salary is an average $80,000 a year, showing the importance of innovation managers for organisations across the globe. If you want to learn even more about the innovation management framework, take a look at some of the following innovative websites:

  • Innovation Excellence: This innovation website is regarded as the online home for the innovation community, whether individual innovation, small business innovation or large corporation innovation. Though leaders, consultants, vendors, people in academia and others contribute to the website.
  • The IdeaConnection: This is an innovation blog website hosted by a business that specialises in providing solutions to operational innovation and tips on innovation methodology. Their content is helpful and relevant.  
  • The InventHelp: This is another innovation blog website and it focusses on educating people on innovation and topics such as innovation portfolio management and new business innovations.


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Innovative Property Management


Innovative property management is a real estate company in America that uses the latest technology to find you your perfect home. Procurement can be done online as can the dispersal of rent, meaning that once laborious tasks can be done from the comfort of your couch. Money can be automatically deposited, and you don’t need to do a lot. Using leading edge technology allows the company to provide high quality property management services that are professional and effective.   

Innovation best practices include developing a process that improves peoples’ experiences. Making something easier and more accessible is an example of the benefits that innovation brings to consumers. An innovation scorecard outlines which companies or countries are best at supporting and developing innovation.


Innovation Training


Innovation management and entrepreneurship starts off with innovation training. Having an innovative organisational culture is key in today’s competitive business environment. Innovation in business management is crucial and employees should be trained in at least the basics of innovation so that they can challenge their own thinking processes and improve idea generation.

If how to manage innovation is a complex topic for you, innovation training can teach you a lot about the process and developing innovative management services for your organisation. Something that has never been done before is something that grabs attention and for this reason it is important to train your team in innovation so that they can adopt a design thinking mindset.



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After innovation training, participants walk away with more creative mindsets, understanding in a deeper sense the consumer world so that they can work towards developing new solutions and business ideas.  

Innovation is crucial for organisations if they want to truly compete in today’s market. Innovation management is what helps a company to effectively develop their innovation methods and innovative organisational culture. Sinnaps is an innovative project management software that will effectively support your pursuit of any innovation project.

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