Collaborative innovation is a form of innovation gaining great popularity and for good reason. The benefits of collaborative innovation and lead user innovation are many. In this article, we will look at collaborative innovation, the connection between innovation and collaboration, ways to promote collaborative innovation and how Sinnaps online project management software can make the process even more effective.


collaborative innovation


What is Collaborative Innovation?


Collaborative innovation describes the process of sharing ideas cooperatively between various groups with complementary knowledge and skills. It can result in very successful new knowledge and products. Virtual teams are one of the most common forms of collaborative innovation today. The process allows for collective learning and essentially benefits all involved. As the saying goes, ‘two heads are better than one’. Many innovation rewards are given for collaborative innovation, showing its importance and successful results.


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Innovation and Collaboration


Collaboration brings multiple benefits to innovation. Many companies, organisations, institutions and individuals collaborate to innovate in a more effective and efficient way. Innovation through collaboration is an approach in which various different parties come together and work to solve a problem or reach a common goal through a collective vision, sharing information and ideas.

In today’s technologically advanced world, the internet makes collaborative innovation easier as cyber teams can be formed and ideas spread easily as well as offering the potential to connect people from opposite sides of the planet. Using a cloud-based project management software such as Sinnaps allows you to work in a decentralised team effectively and to store all information regarding an innovation and collaboration project safely in one place where everyone can access it.  


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Ways to Promote Collaborative Innovation


Innovation through collaboration is something that many organisations are trying to achieve. Let’s take a look at some ways to promote it:

  • Decide on a clear objective: For your collaborative innovation network to work effectively, a common and clear goal should be decided upon so that everyone is sure of what exactly it is they are working towards. Sinnaps Gantt flow offers you and your team an effective way to plan out your goals and the workload of tasks that need to be completed in order to reach them.
  • Develop healthy relationships: Collaborative innovation is something that works if people have healthy relationships where they feel comfortable in sharing their ideas and information. Team building is a great way to develop relationships.
  • Provide resources: Resources can be effectively planned and managed with the Sinnaps app so that you can allocate the necessary resources for your team’s collaborative innovation.
  • Offer effective leadership: Collaborative Innovation requires strong and effective leadership as there are many aspects to be coordinated. A leader that is organised and communicative will help to promote it.


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Collaborative Innovation Best Practices


The following are some best practices to be considered by leaders and organisations:

  • Sense: Any new opportunity or issue to be solved.
  • Envision: Build a captivating story around the benefits of perusing the opportunity.
  • Offer: Outline the benefits that the collaborative innovation would bring to the community or other stakeholders.
  • Adopt: Offer a trial period to see if the collaborative innovation truly works.
  • Sustain: Get members to commit to the practice if satisfied through incentives, integration into other practices and standards.
  • Execute: Coordinate all aspects required in an effective way which can be done with Sinnaps project management software to support adoption of collaborative innovation as a practice.
  • Lead: Lead in an effective way that continues to build and grow trust by overcoming obstacles and showing commitment to collaborative innovation.
  • Embody: Work on incorporating aspects of collaborative innovation in other practices so it becomes habitual and its benefits can spread throughout the organisation.



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Overall, collaborative innovation is beneficial to all parties involved. Sinnaps allows you to effectively manage collaborative innovation. Try out some of the tips and best practices covered in this article if you are interested in trying out the practice and tell us about your own successful collaborative innovation stories in the comments! 🙂

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