Collaboration tools for business can greatly benefit the work and productivity of your project team. There are a number of different and free collaboration tools for business that you can use. In this article, we will take a look at some different social collaboration tools for business and see what they have to offer you and your team.


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Why Use Collaboration Tools for Business?


The best collaboration tools for small business projects should be easy to use and intuitive it so that time is not wasted in learning how to use them by the project team. Sinnaps project management collaboration tool is a great example of this. It’s social media like structure allows teams to collaborate effectively and to produce successful project results. The interface is user-friendly and allows teams to get to working on their projects instead of spending time learning how to use the tool.


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Projects often include many different tasks, some of which are complex. These tasks can also have various relationships and dependencies. Using online collaboration tools for small business projects such as Wrike, Sinnaps, Asana and Front allow you to make work more manageable and provide tools for effective team collaboration which makes results more productive.

Slack is a project management collaboration tool that allows you to effectively manage the tasks of your project and includes live in chat and a messaging features to help keep communication consistent with in the group. This tool does not however offer group calendars or contact management which can unfortunately downplay collaboration.

Wrike is a collaboration tool used for project management. It provides an effective platform to organise the different elements needed to effectively manage projects. The constant updates that break goes through unfortunately takeaway from its collaborative nature as teams often need to get used to the new additions, changes or feature modifications.




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Online Collaboration Tools for Business


If you are wondering what our collaboration tools for business, looking at some examples can help you to understand what they are for exactly to your project team and project management experience. Asana is an online collaborative tool used to manage projects and to reach project goes. It has a strong emphasis on communication which allows teams to produce productive work. Asana tends to follow a seemingly rigid structure that does not tend to work well outside of basic task management.

Sinnaps project management tool is one of the social collaboration tools for business projects that allows you to keep all information pertaining to a project in one place. This cloud-based collaboration tool keeps all project information safely stored on the cloud. Documents, reports and anything else created for the project can be stored in the project plan or in each of the specific tasks. This means that I need team member can access this information at any time to help them with completing their work.



Front is another example of an online collaboration tool for small business projects that allows you to effectively manage tasks, communicate with your team and manage your contacts. This tool does not offer document management in comparison to synapse which means that documents and reports need to be stored in another place away from the project often leading to loss of time and potential loss of documentation.


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The Benefits of the Best Collaboration Tools for Business


Sinnaps is one of the best collaboration tools for small business project templates. The synapse online project management community provides previously used successful project templates as well as important report templates. This stimulates collaboration with in the project management community allowing people to share their knowledge and experience and improve the project management experience of others. These templates can be easily accessed and exported to an Excel or PDF format and modified to the specific requirements of your project.

Asana places great emphasis on project team communication. The messaging and chat features stimulate team collaboration. However, the user interface may be overly simple and lacks tools such as risk tracking and resource management that can greatly add to effective project management. This collaborative project tool is more suited for small business projects and is not adapt as well to projects of a larger scope.

Wrike and Sinnaps both allow you to plan your project along a Gantt chart like structure. This allows your tasks to be planned along a calendar which helps to clarify for everyone involved what is expected of whom and by when. Sinnaps Gantt flow includes the critical path of your project and helps to clarify task dependencies and relationships. The Kanban board also allows team members to validate tasks once they have been completed so that project progress is live and continuously updated while notifying the whole team.



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After reading this article, we hope that you have a gained a better understanding as to why use collaboration tools for business. The various tools that we have covered offer great support and can increase collaboration and productivity in your team’s work. It is important to understand what each has to offer and to try the best collaboration tools for business that will add value to your project management! 😊


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