Collaborative technologies are a combination of powerful online collaboration software that make it possible for real time communication and collaboration between teams regardless of where they may be.


collaborative technologies


In this article, we’re going to take a look at how collaborative engineering and the use of collaborative workspace by small businesses, companies as well as large corporations can ultimately change the way they transform knowledge into action, how it could help to shape the work performed, encourage innovation and generally lead to greater effectiveness and higher productivity.


Collaborative Workspace


These make it possible for teams to bring their projects into a workspace and allow them share and co-edit documents in real time. They mostly combine video conferencing with real time content collaboration on office documents, PDFs, images, whiteboards, texts etc.

Since its introduction, Sinnaps tool has popularized the concept of remote collaboration, offering features, integrations and organizational tools that are making teams more productive. Loved by millions of businesses around the world, this is without doubt the most effective way for teams on different displays to connect with each other and collaborate on content.


Agile Kanban with collaborative workspace


Kanban Board Example


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Teamwork and Collaboration


This connotes the ability to work effectively on a common task with other members of a team. A good collaborative technology software such as Sinnaps provides an easy way for businesses to track the work of employees in order to get the best possible results.

This platform can allow you create to-do lists for ongoing projects, send requests to colleagues, reminders for upcoming deadlines and allow for team members make remarks to posts within the platform.


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Collaborative Strategies


Working in groups creates synergy between businesses and stakeholders. It encourages idea generation and sharing as well as improve communication and trust. Collaborative strategies entail leveraging your stakeholders to plan your desired outcomes. For a business, stakeholders may include financiers, employees, partners, suppliers and vendors, and to realize a business objective, they must be properly engaged throughout the entire process.


Collaborative Strategies for Businesses


  • Building trust
  • Promoting open communication
  • Creating group roles
  • Establishing clear-cut responsibilities
  • Creating and promoting flexible group norms


The Sinnaps tool provides an avenue to engage stakeholders in a way that allow for integrating the above strategies towards achieving your outcome.


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Types of Collaboration Technologies as They Relate to Time and Location.


  • Time


Real-time/ Synchronous: This allows for real-time communication and collaboration between users. They have built-in collaborative strategies that allow teams to complete several tasks together at the same time.

Asynchronous: This is a team collaboration software that allow workers to work together, however at different times.


  • Location


Collocated: This collaborative process enables users to perform tasks together in one place.

Non-Collocated: This allows users to work together from different places.

One great collaborative technology example is Sinnaps, which helps team members communicate and work together in real time. It allows for creation of projects and tasks within projects and permits users to follow the progress of these tasks from various browsers and devices. It is a flexible collaboration solution designed for project teams, large corporations as well as small businesses.


Why Use Collaboration Technologies and Software


Below are some benefits of implementing a good collaborative communication software such as Sinnaps in organizations as well as small businesses.

Successfully implementing a good collaboration strategy will afford you many advantages, including but limited to the following:


  • Save Time

Collaborative teamwork and planning can be a tedious process and may lead to a waste of valuable time if the required synergy is not put in. In a business, time is tantamount to money and the greater time you save, the smaller your bulk of unwanted expenses.

If you’re looking to cut cost on your project endeavors, collaboration systems may just help you in the regard.

An effective collaboration system can assist in maintaining order and managing stages in workflow through open communication and coordination among concerned individuals and teams towards achieving a unified goal.

  • Strengthen Team Relationships

To build effective teamwork and collaboration among employees, businesses need to have them work together to complete tasks and projects. The Sinnaps social collaboration software is designed to make it easy for teams to work as a concerted unit for the actualization of a single goal. This is accomplished in part by embedding this technology into the way work is performed, such that using it becomes a part of the job.

  • Enhance Project Management and Improve Organization

Keeping a handle on a team and its members and overseeing their progress is not an easy task. The ability of a project manager to coordinate the activities of project members and promote synergy between them including keeping track of what has been done as well as what needed to be done will be the difference between succeeding and failing.



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Through collaborative technologies, businesses can provide guidance about how particular processes can be optimally performed to improve quality and increase productivity, study how effectively these processes are being performed and how they can be improved through the use of corporate collaboration software and other remote collaboration products to create a possibility for new ways of doing things.

In general, in order that businesses may to thrive, executives must envision the gains which can be made by implementing collaboration technologies in their specific work processes.


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