Employee collaboration is a major point of interest for all types of organisations as it can bring great benefits to company results. In this article we will go over someone examples of collaboration team building activities, how to encourage a collaborative work environment, examples of collaboration the workplace and how Sinnaps project management software can help to promote team collaboration.


collaborative work environment


What is the Team Environment?


A team environment essentially describes the composition of a team, its culture and the goals that it aims to achieve. A team is usually made up of people with skills appropriate to reach the goals and objectives that they have set to achieve. If the team environment is negative, results will be a lot worse than if a team environment is positive and centred around collaboration and helping each other to achieve the best possible results.

Effective collaboration in the workplace is something that all organisations should aim to achieve as the benefits will be reflected on the results that the team produces. Building collaborative relationships is something that requires time and effort. Below, we will take a look at something examples of how to do this.



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How to Encourage a Collaborative Work Environment


Teamwork and collaboration in the workplace can be encouraged by taking a number of measures such as the following:

  • Establish common goals: In project management especially, establishing common goal so everyone is aware of and understands is the sensual to encourage and collaborative work environment. By understanding the goals that they are expected to reach team members can work together to reach these mutual objectives.
  • Encourage communication: Buying courage in communication between your team or within your organisation, collaboration is instantly encouraged as people can speak to each other and share ideas and also to resolve any doubts or problems that they may be encountering.
  • Build trusting relationships: In order to collaborate and work together, people need to have trusting relationships where they feel comfortable with one another. Building trusting relationships is about keeping promises and being consistent in your work ethic.
  • Leverage each team member’s strengths: A team is mostly made up of people with different and complimentary skills. When completing a project for example, each team member’s strength towards a certain area of achieving the goal of the project should be considered and leveraged so as to achieve the best results and team collaboration.


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Examples of Collaboration in the Workplace


Working collaboratively with others is beneficial for both the organisation and for employees as they feel more supported and comfortable at work. The most successful projects are great examples of collaboration in the workplace. For example, if you are completing a marketing campaign project, collaboration can come into play to produce the best results possible.

If the team is made up of five people, determining who has the best skills in which areas is crucial. A member could have specific language skills that would help in writing the marketing campaign plan and another member may excel in market research. The first step is to assign members appropriately based on their skills to tasks. If the team members are comfortable around each other, they will not hesitate to ask for help if needed and this will ensure better quality results. Overall, working collaboratively with others can help to save time, energy and a great deal of stress while also producing beneficial results for both the project being completed and the future collaboration of the team.


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Collaborative Working Online Examples


Team collaboration can easily be encouraged through an online platform such as the Sinnaps project management software app. Sinnaps offers a number of tools that help to encourage and stimulate collaboration in the workplace.

The modernised version of the Gantt chart, known as the Gantt flow allows project teams to create a visualisation of the workload of the project tasks and activities and to clearly identify the goals that are expected to be reached by the team. For everyone involved in the project, this is crucial information that they can access at any time. Being on the same page allows team members to focus on working together to reach the common objectives rather than wasting time trying to figure out what is happening.


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Communication is crucial to team collaboration and Sinnaps understands this. There are a number of communicative tool available as part of the project management app such as the project wall and live in-chat features where team members can talk to resolve any issues or doubts or to share ideas.

Assigning team members is done easily and means that apart from collectively seeing how the project workload will look as a whole, each team member is also aware of what is expected of them individually. Collaborative virtual environments such as Sinnaps allow you to leverage the skills of each team member and assign them to the tasks that they would be best at completing.


Top Team Collaboration Skills


If you are wondering how to create a collaborative work environment in your organisation, the flowing top team collaboration skills will come in great use:


  • Communication
  • Establishing common goals
  • Defining a clear purpose
  • Engaging in team building activities
  • Encouraging respect
  • Provide effective leadership
  • Provide the appropriate resources


Building collaborative relationships in the workplace is clearly beneficial to any type of company or organisation. In this article we covered what it is like working in a collaborative team environment and the overall benefits and importance of communication and collaboration in the workplace. Try encouraging collaboration in your team by using Sinnaps project management software app and see the results for yourself! 😊

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