What goes on in the minds of project managers is how to optimize the material resources of their projects. No doubt, developing a plan for material resources of the project activities is very critical to the success of your project. 


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Without effective resource planning in your project, you are in for a difficult time in the management of your project. In reality, some project managers always experience struggles in keeping the lowest level of materials inventory in their projects. 

This usually results in a high cost of inventory management and the inability to meet the expectations of the customers in terms of on-time delivery of products that satisfy their needs.

Effective material resource planning enables you to fulfill the objectives of your project by providing you with a system that painstakingly estimates the quantities of resources necessary to undertake it. Also, it schedules the delivery of the material resources to ensure that they are available for the activities of the project. 

Sinnaps, an online project management tool is a planning tool that will assist you in achieving effective material resource planning in your project. It is useful for designing the timeline of when the resources will be needed in your project to ensure that you get the best out of them.

Also, it will graphically display the utilization of your resources in the project to ensure effective project management.


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How Material resource planning helps you to achieve the mastery of your project


Without mincing words, you need to place a huge premium on material resource planning. This is because it assists you in the management of the inventory over the schedule of your production. This helps in the calculation of the required materials and when they will be needed during the project. 

The use of resource planning tools will ensure the availability of materials for the project to enhance the delivery of the right products to the customers. 

Also, they are resource management tools that assist in scheduling the delivery of the project resources and purchasing activities. 

Again, it will let you have an idea of the spent resources in planning thereby offering you a system that aids you in expressing resources and control daily work costs from the management tools. 

With material resource planning, you are assured of the following in your project management strides:

  • It guards against poor management of material inventory: material resource planning will help you in keeping the right stock of materials that you need for your project. This assists in minimizing wastage in your project thereby boosting the profitability of your project.
  • Overcome supply chain problem: material resource planning establishes a platform that helps in monitoring suppliers and will provide you with regular updates about raw materials. This assists you in addressing the challenges of price fluctuations, reliability issues, and quality control.
  • Avoid failure in data management: it allows you to be in the know of the relevant information about raw materials such as pricing and supplier performance. 

Material resource planning example is the manufacturing process where bulk products are produced like chemicals. In this, the product cannot be broken down into their constituent parts.

The examples of best resource management tools are xTuple, Sinnaps, IQMS MRP, abas ERP, and Prodsmart.

 These tools will painstakingly plan the utilization of your resources to achieve optimization.




The need to achieve enterprise resource planning has spurred project managers to embrace MRP and MRP II. Both MRP and MRP II have assisted project managers in the effective management of the raw materials for production activities. 

Also, both simplify the process of organizing the materials that are in line to be assembled in the course of the production. In comparing them, both have similarities and at the same time, there are components in them that make them different from one another.

 On its own, MRP can perform the following:

Material inventory management: material resources planning software assists the production manager in creating the material planning system that allows the materials to be made available at any notice. Also, materials can be transferred throughout the production process.

Reduction in cost: this is done by creating a steady flow of inventory, reduced holding and ill-timed delivery cost thereby increasing the revenue of your project. 

It ensures the optimization of your project: it enables the workers to have the right raw materials required to undertake their tasks. This improves their overall efficiency. 

On the other hand, MRP II provides a much more advanced system that offers you insight into the different areas of production scheduling.

  • MRP II can create master production schedules that will aid you in adhering to the best pattern in your project. 
  • It helps in overcoming bottlenecks in production and inefficient productivity in the project. 
  • Also, it can manage the process of raw materials purchasing without any manual input thereby saving you a lot of time.

Capacity planning: MRP II provides you with the benefits of production planning, scheduling, and inventory control that manage the entire production process. Again, it ensures the utilization of accurate data for the demand of the relevant stakeholders. 

No doubt, MRP and MRP II are resource planning tools for effective resource planning for production but MRP II is the advanced version of MRP. 


MRP Material


MRP material usually helps in the production planning, scheduling, and control of inventory to ensure ease in managing manufacturing processes. The material resources planning software will help you in achieving these in your manufacturing processes;

  • It ensures that materials are available for manufacturing and products available for delivery to clients.
  • MRP material resource planning helps in keeping the least possible material and product inventory level in the warehouse. 
  • It effectively plans production activities, delivery, and purchasing schedules.

Material resource planning software helps project managers in overcoming the problems that are synonymous with their daily production routine. This boosts their ability to deliver great values to their customers within a short period. 

Furthermore, the use of a resource Gantt chart will provide a visual overview of the entire planning cycle and will allow you to get the best out of your resource planning strides. 

Also, resource scheduling software will guide in the allocation of the right resources to the tasks of the project to ensure that nothing vital is left out. 

In your bid to manage uncertainty in your projects, the use of realistically planning resources will allow you to put uncertainty into consideration in resource planning. This will help you to plan your project, define the project objectives, requirements, and deliverables. 

Also, identify the tasks and resources required to achieve them with the right budget. For example, Sinnaps is useful in managing the allocation of material resources for your project. This aids you in achieving the desired optimization, productivity, and profitability. 


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