Life on its own requires rigorous planning and to fail to prepare is to prepare to fail. In project management, the secret required to achieve success in your project is effective resource planning in Project Management.


Resource planning


The inability of project managers to plan how to utilize and allocate resources is the reason behind the failure of their projects. Resource planning is the remedy to guard against project failure; it enables you to achieve the maximization of the resources of your project, achieve the project’s milestone, and meet the expectations of your clients.

In reality, 75% of business organizations experience failure in their project due to lack of adequate resource planning. Resource planning brings about the optimization of the resources at the disposal of your project to achieve the desired level of productivity and efficiency.

With resource planning, you can properly allocate resources such as capital and raw materials to the right channels where they are required in the project. Also, resource planning keeps you abreast of the future and be prepared for any event that could alter the smooth execution of the project.

The duty of a project manager is to establish effective project resource management that ensures the ideal allocation of the project resources. It aids in the maximization of the limited project resources.

Sinnaps, an online project management tool has assisted project managers in achieving effective resource planning while carrying out their project. It enables them to get the best out of their resources through effective management of the project’s workloads.

Again, it will carefully display how the resources of your project are used on the dashboards. It supports effective teamwork and planning among the team members and it can determine the critical path of your tasks thereby helping you in beating the deadline of the project.


Resources Planning: maintain the Right Balances in the Management of your Workloads


The role that resource planning plays in the success of your project cannot be over-emphasized, it enables you to plan how to undertake your project because you are in the know of the effort required to carry out every task in the project and assign the right person to the task.


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No doubt, the desire of project managers is to optimize project scheduling, balance their workloads, and achieve the desired level of efficiency and productivity in their project management strides.

With resource planning, these tasks are made simple for you; it allows you to gain visibility into the workloads of your team and know who is responsible for every activity of your project and know the length each task will take.

Also, it enables you to achieve distribution resource planning that allows you as a project manager to distribute work hours to fit the strength and availability of your team members. This helps in boosting collaboration among them thereby helping them in avoiding delays in the project due to unbalanced workloads.

Furthermore, resource planning simplifies the process of executing your project by enabling you to prioritize your projects with ease; you can adjust your project timeline and re-assign tasks to accommodate urgent requests.

Resource capacity planning plays an important role in resource planning; it enables you to determine the resources needed by your organization to meet the future workflow demands that could arise from the need to increase the capacity of your project.

Resource requirement planning allows you to plan the requirements of productive resources such as machines, workers, and fund based on the production plan. The strategic planning of resources allows you to set priorities, strengthen operations and ensures that project managers and other stakeholders share collective goals.

Resource demand planning is vital in production; it helps in keeping a right and accurate control over your inventory. Team resource planning is crucial for the entire team members involved in a project; it enables them to plan how to utilize their resources to achieve the desired goals.

Resource scheduling software helps in maintaining the right balance in the scheduling of the resources to carry out project assignment by ensuring that the resources are channeled appropriately.


Control Resource Availability


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In information technology, an IT resource planning calendar assists in keeping the team members updated on their activities thereby boosting the team’s productivity with essential checklists.

Also, the use of simple resource planning online boosts the visibility of the team members and optimizes their time by organizing their projects and task efficiently.

Engineering is an important aspect of humanity; it requires detailed planning due to the fact that it is synonymous with precision. Project managers are always involved in engineering resource planning from the beginning of the project; it requires identifying the need and availability of engineers suitable for the project.

The task of attaining effective resources planning in your project is made easy with resources planning tools. With a resources planning tool, you have a tool that helps in planning how to utilize your resources to achieve the goals of your project.


Project Resource Plan


A typical Project resource plan example is below:

Adax project management group aims to undertake the construction project for XYZ Company at a cost of $1,000,000.

The project is expected to start by the end of the second quarter of the year. 60% of the cost will be spent on the acquisition of the raw materials to carry out the project and 15% is allocated for other operating costs.

The project will be handled by our construction team and the leader of the team is Mr. Justin, he is responsible for the delegation of the tasks to the team members.

The project should be completed before the end of the last quarter of the year and they must ensure that the project is properly executed to meet the expectations of XYZ Company.


Manufacturing Resource Panning


In manufacturing resource planning, you have a tool that supports the effective planning of all the resources of a manufacturing company. Manufacturing resource planning enables companies in the manufacturing sector to plan better and work more efficiently.

It is a tool that offers support for operational processes in manufacturing such as master production schedules, advanced invoicing, production resources, and inventory tools.

It helps in addressing operational planning in units, financial planning and in simulating answers to what-if questions regarding product manufacturing.

Manufacturing resource planning integrates various modules together to make it easy for the exchange of information that is essential in the manufacturing sector.

The following are the benefits of manufacturing resource planning:

  • It enhances better control of inventories.
  • It boosts productive relationships with suppliers.
  • It improves design control
  • It ensures better product quality and quality control
  • It enhances reduced working capital for inventory.

The role that the best resources management tools play in the success of your project cannot be over-emphasized. They ensure the effective management of your resources thereby ensuring optimization of your project resources.


Material Resource Planning Excel


Material resource planning excel is a tool that is useful for planning, scheduling, inventory control system used in managing manufacturing processes. Material resource planning excel helps in ensuring that materials are available for production and the availability of products to be delivered to the customers.

The use of material resource planning excel maintains the lowest possible material and product levels in store. Also, material resource planning excel will allow you to plan your manufacturing activities, design your delivery schedules and proactively staffing management plan your purchasing activities.

In Sinnaps, you have a tool that can be used as a material resource planning resource excel for effective planning of the materials required to undertake your project.


Material Resources Report Example


Project Planning Excel




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Resource Management Plan: a guide to overcoming challenges in the utilization of project resources


The task of getting the best out of the resources of your project is enhanced by having a resource management plan in place while planning your project. Resource management plan enables the project managers to manage their resources effectively.

As a project manager, when you have a resource management plan, you will be able to know the person that is assigned to a role and the responsibilities expected of the person. Again, it helps in the management of the most valuable resources of a project. Also, it helps in tracking the efficiency of their plans.

The steps involved in creating a resource management plan are the following:

  • The creation of the work breakdown structure that identifies work activities and assigns resources to the activities.
  • The next in line is the creation of the draft work documents like organizational charts, the responsibility matrix, roles, and responsibilities document.
  • The integration of project planning software in your project planning will bring about the automation of planning processes and will simulate and planning activities to ensure that you desired results from resources planning strides.   


Sinnaps, as a tool, supports you in designing your resource management plan to optimize your resources. It is very easy to use and will effectively communicate the resource management plan to the relevant stakeholders. Everybody will can visualize the project through this Resources Gantt Chart.


Let’s see how we can plan the necessary resources for each of our activities with Sinnaps 😉 (2 min)



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