Project managers are required to juggle between different tasks while managing their projects and in the process, things can get out of hands thereby causing them to miss out on the deadlines of the project and fail to achieve the milestones of the projects. 


planner gantt chart


No doubt, the task of juggling between different assignments in a project can be tedious and overwhelming without an effective tool that can aid the planning and creation of a visual overview that simplifies the process of managing the activities and schedules of a project. 

In planner Gantt chart, you have an ideal tool that is helpful in planning and organizing the activities of your project in a manner that will enable you to attain ease in managing your project and enhances your ability to deliver the quality project to your clients and meet their expectations.

With planner Gantt chart, you have a tool that allows you and your team to have a visual view of the tasks of your project displayed against time to boost effective project management.

This is an example of an easy Gantt Chart:


gantt chart example


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Also, it enables you to know the critical information like who is assigned to each activity, the duration of each task and overlapping activities in a project to ensure that you are in full control of your project.

Sinnaps, an online project management tool is the right solution for you and your project team; it will properly manage the workload of your project by breaking them down into smaller bits that you and your team can get on with perfectly. 

Again, it will properly showcase on a graph how the resources of your project are used to ensure the optimization of the resources. Also, it will determine the critical path of every task of your project thereby assisting you in beating your project’s deadline.


How to optimize resources?



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Planner Gantt Chart: Why It Is Important For The Team


A planner Gantt chart provides you with a timeline that gives an illustration of how your project will progress during the period of the project management process.

In it, you and your team have a tool to assess the length of a project, determine the resources required to undertake the process, plan and assign the activities of the project, understand the dependencies between tasks and decide the sequence in which each task will be done to ensure that the project is completed on time.

Furthermore, when the project progresses, you are assured of the display of the up-to-date schedule of the project to keep everyone on the same page thereby boosting their communication and efficiency.


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It is a project planning chart that will help create a pictorial view of your project against the timeframe that it is needed to be executed by bringing the timelines, tasks, milestones, and every other detail about the project in a place to improve the decision-making ability of the project team so as to ensure that the goals of the project are met. 

Also, it helps you view the start and end dates of a project easily and it is useful for planning projects of different sizes. 

In a quick Gantt chart, you have a drag and drop Gantt chart with an ease of use feature that you can slide to the left and right along the project timeline.

It offers you a pretty Gantt chart view where you can view the project schedules, task dependency lines, project’s goals, bar displaying the complete length of every task and the line to show the current date within the schedule of the project. The colours depict the tasks that are on time, the completed and overdue. 

The task of tracking specific tasks in a project is made easier with a Gantt calendar. In a Gantt sheet, you have a tool that can be used to draw your project’s plan and activities on a spreadsheet to attain effective project management. 

Sinnaps has different sheets that can be easily customized by your team.

Social Kanban connected with the Planner Gantt Chat:


Kanban Board Example


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Best Gantt Chart By Week: Get More Done In Your Project Schedule


The best Gantt chart by week is a tool that creates a visual view of the tasks scheduled to be completed over a week in a project. It supports effective planning and scheduling of the activities and assignments that are meant to be carried out in a week by the project team. 

In the best Gantt chart by week, the project team can know what the project tasks that are scheduled to be undertaken in a week are and who is working on each task, the start and finish dates of the tasks planned to be done in a week. 

The use of best Gantt chart by week enables the project team to get more done in a week because it allows them to painstakingly plan and execute the assignments they want to carry out over a week thereby ensuring that they derive the right value for their time.

Also, it creates an ideal synergy between them because they will know who is responsible for each activity and this will boost their communication.

 A monthly Gantt chart is useful for planning and managing the progress of a project over a month. It is useful for tracking the status of the project’s tasks and it will keep track of work done in a month to enhance optimum efficiency. 

Daily and hourly Gantt chart calculator will visualize the precise time that tasks will start and finish in a project to boost the smooth running of the project.  A work plan Gantt Chart with dates is useful for viewing the start and end dates of your project in a simple view. It helps in getting more work done in a project over certain dates.


Uses Of Gantt App: What You Stand To Benefit From It


The integration of Gantt app into your project management will yield the following:

  • You will be in the know of what is happening in your project: the use of Gantt app enables you to have an insight into what is happening in your project as it visualizes your project activities to you and your team. With this, you can deduce vital information about your project to enhance better management of the project.
  • It enhances the team’s communication: without mincing words, effective communication among the project team plays a crucial role in the success of the project. The team members usually make use of Gantt to communicate better because they can see what is happening in the project.
  • It helps in avoiding resource overload: Gantt chart helps you in using your resources properly as you can view how the resources of your project are utilized. Also, it helps in assigning resources to each task and guard against resource wastage.
  • View overlapping activities and task dependencies: you are allowed to see the tasks that are dependent on each other in order to schedule them in a manner that they do not alter the progress of the project. 
  • It ensures effective accountability among the project team: the project team will be accountable for their tasks to ensure that the project is completed as planned. Also, it allows them to track the progress of the team so that the tasks are completed on time.
  • It promotes flexibility in project management: the use of a Gantt chart app enables the team to manage changes in their project effectively if there are needs for them.

Planner Gantt chart is widely used in many sectors of life, notable among them is the production sector. Gantt chart for production planning is useful for the production team in planning and scheduling their production activities to ensure that the goals of their production are achieved. 

It will enhance effective resource management during production and coordinate the interdependent tasks in the proper sequence to ensure that every task is completed in the production cycle. 

In Agile methodology, planner Gantt chart is used extensively among the agile team involved agile software development to plan and manage their activities.

Furthermore, the role of the Gantt chart in software engineering cannot be over-emphasized. It simplifies the process of scheduling the activities that will be done by the software development team.

Marketing Gantt chart is all you need to design the marketing plan of your organization. It will aid you in creating an effective marketing plan that ensures that your product and services reach the desired target.

In Sinnaps, you have a tool with ease of use feature that can be used to plan and manage your marketing plan to achieve mind-blowing results.

Content Marketing Plan – Optimized Example:


content marketing plan


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