Digital marketing Gantt charts are indispensable in the arsenal of the marketing departments of businesses, companies and agencies. With so much marketing activities and strategies to implement, such departments must therefore rely certain tools that will aid in their ability to meet goals and set targets.


Marketing Gantt chart


Sinnaps Online Project Management offers the best tools used by marketing departments to stay on top of tasks and escape the most common causes for failure in a business including changes in priority, scope creeps and altering of project objectives, wrong definition of project tasks and dependencies.

Marketing campaign Gantt charts have become widely used in marketing to seamlessly predict risks, view deadlines, set milestones and monitor project tasks and progress.

With this, marketing departments and teams can see at a glance what tasks need to be completed and when, including start and finish date. They can also see in the most simplistic illustrations the portion of work done as well as the amount which remains to be completed in percentage, understand dependency between tasks, mark milestone and more.


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What to Include in Your Marketing Gantt Chart?


  • Generate tasks based on your marketing plan

A comprehensive marketing plan is crucial for efficient running of any marketing department. With information on the situation on ground, competitors, etc., it becomes easier to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy which will in turn improve the overall financial standing and improve the revenue of your company or organization.

  • Breakdown and illustrate complex information on a simple page

Compile all related tasks concerning any aspect of business marketing and create an illustration which will give you a clear view on each activity – all in one place. Take for example the development of a marketing strategy involving email marketing. The dependency will follow the order:

  • Generate a database of client emails
  • Get a content writer to create newsletters with content relevant to your business
  • Forward the letters and elicit response
  • Monitor

The illustration above clearly illustrates how tasks can be dependent on other tasks, and Gantt marketing charts puts all these in one place and lets you see how they are related, ultimately saving you valuable time and energy.

  • Communicate with team members and project stakeholders

To keep all project team members abreast of all activities as well as provide an interactive medium to get marketing as well as sales team members and stakeholders actively involved in the process, marketers can make use of agile marketing management tools including Sinnaps, Wrike, GanttPRO and the likes. As team members interact with each other, becomes easier to achieve milestones and set objectives.


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  • See from a glance who is responsible for what

Marketing Gantt chart, for example makes it easier to report to senior managers in your organization. This way, you do not need to go through the stress of preparing reports. In retrospect, you could simply present a Gantt chart which clearly illustrates all relevant information to the head of your marketing department.


Marketing Plan Gantt Chart


Given the complicated nature of marketing and the complexities of everyday business activities, deploying strategic planning processes which guarantees greater efficiency and increased success margin have become a matter of necessity and not luxury.

For example, a marketer completes the development of a marketing strategy to launch a new business, product, break into a new market or simply reinvigorate the existing marketing strategy, Gantt charts are a great way to visualize all the important phases as well as tasks as they appear in their strategic planning process.



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Marketing Gantt Chart Template


Sinnaps offers marketing Gantt chart template in excel that can easily be edited to create your own. With this web-based collaboration tool, you will find simple-to-use temples designed to assist small and medium businesses as well as growing companies in their strategic marketing, budget planning as well as competitive analysis and social media marketing campaigns.

You’ll find free-to-download and easily customizable free marketing templates to accommodate all your marketing and sales campaigns.


Marketing Gantt Chart Template for free



There is no better time to leverage tools that are readily present online to boost your business strategies and marketing campaigns. Whether you’re working on revamping your marketing strategies or create new ones, there is no better time to implement a plan of action that will put you on the right track to realizing your business and marketing goals.


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