In Project Management, one of the reasons why some project teams experience their projects going astray is the lack of a project charter. A project charter is a vital document that formally authorizes the existence of a project. A project charter depicts how the success of a project will be measured. 


project charter example


In a nutshell, it is a document that signals the commencement of a project. In reality, no one embarks on a journey without a clear direction, the same principle is applicable in Project Management. A project manager that embarks on a project without the project charter is bound to fail. 

In a project charter document example, you have a tool that offers you and your team a sense of direction and purpose on where your project is heading from the inception till completion. 

As a project manager, you must painstakingly prepare your project charter before the project is kick-started, and by doing so, you are assured of achieving mind-blowing success. A Project Management Charter example usually serves as the baseline throughout the project and it offers a shared understanding among the relevant stakeholders of a project.

Sinnaps, an online project will aid the process of preparing your project charter; this is because it is a planning tool that can assist you in designing and optimizing your project plans. 

Again, it is an easy-to-use tool that will spur you and your team members to achieve your project objectives and goals thereby ensuring that you deliver the right values to your clients. 

Are you puzzled about how to create a project charter? In this article, we will discuss the project charter example and how to go about it.


Simple project charter example

In a simple project charter example, you have the name of the project manager and it clearly defines the authority bestowed on the project manager. Also, in a project charter example, the power of how the project manager can utilize the resources of the project to achieve the project objectives is stated.

Furthermore, a simple project charter example will clearly state what the project objectives are. The following are the project charter objectives examples:

  • It gives an illustration of what the business requires that leads to the project being embarked upon.
  • It details the high-level planning involving scope and project deliverables
  • It details the statement of work of the project.

Furthermore, a typical project charter example helps the project management team to have an in-depth understanding of their projects; it gives general specifications of the project, the purpose of the project, the key stakeholders, and the possible results that could be expected from the project. No doubt, this plays a crucial role in convincing the project sponsor. 

What are the components of a project charter?

  • Overview of the project: this addresses the name of the project, author of the charter, creation date, project manager, and the purpose of the project.
  • Project details: in this is the detailed project description which includes the project’s mission, the general scope of the project, relevant stakeholders, and clients.
  • Project scope: this highlights how the project will be executed. In a project charter scope example, you have the details such as project objectives, goals, deliverables, assumptions, risks, and other constraints.
  • Project team organization: in this, you have the list of the team members that will be involved in the execution of the project. It can also include their roles in the project.
  • Project resource planning: this states the resources that will be used in the implementation of the project.
  • Project communication plan: this helps in explaining the communication plan that will be used to manage the changes that could arise in the project to ensure that the set goals and objectives are achieved.
  • Project timeline: this helps you to have an idea of what the timeline of the project will look like. This assists in the thorough management of the project schedules.

In the project charter real-life example, you have a summary of the project in two parts. The first part is the project overview that addresses the project name, project charter author, creation date, project charter status, project sponsor signature, proposed project start and end date. The second part details the project description, project purpose, project goals, and outcomes. 


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Construction project charter example

Construction projects are engineering projects that require precision and the project team must carefully take their time to prepare the construction project charter before the project is started.

In a construction project charter example, the name of the project will be stated, the sponsor of the project, and the project manager and level of authority bestowed on him. Also, the project charter author will be stated and the date will be included too. Furthermore, the background information of the project will be included and likewise the project deliverables. 

A typical construction project charter example is discussed below:

Project name: Jack Rose housing construction project.

Project sponsor: Romeo and Juliet group

Project Manager and Authority level: Engineer Brown Adams is the project manager; he has the full authority of the project scope, schedule, and budget. Engineer Brown Adams is a certified project manager with a vast experience spanning over 2 decades with outstanding results. He is hereby entrusted with the task of ensuring that the objectives of the project are achieved. 

Project charter author: Engineer Brown Adams

Date: September 2020

Project background: Romeo and Juliet group, a seasoned investor in housing and real estate plans to embark on the construction of an affordable housing project in Alabama to address the challenge of accommodation being faced in the region. 

Project deliverables: the project is expected to deliver 2500 housing units over 5 years. Each housing unit must have state-of-the-art facilities. 


Six Sigma project charter example

Any project that leverages the six sigma project methodology should be preceded by a project charter. Ideally, a six sigma project charter is prepared at the stage of defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, and controlling.

 In six sigma projects, a project charter is paramount to the success of the project. The components of the six sigma project charter example are project title, Black Belt/ Green Belt, Mentor/ Master Black Belt, Project Start Date, anticipated project end date.

Other features of the six sigma project charter example are cost of poor quality, process problem, process start/stop points, project goals, process measurements, team members, and project timeframe.

In the IT project charter example, you have a detailed summary of the essence of the project. It underscores the power of the project team leader. 

Also, in an agile software development project, an agile project charter example is designed and crafted at the inception of the project to serve as a guide for attaining the expected outcome from the project. It consists of the project’s vision, mission statement, and the criteria for the success of the project.

The use of a project charter template helps a lot in the design of the charter of your project because it offers you a model that can be leveraged to craft out an effective charter for your project. A tool like Sinnaps can be used as your project charter template to create a summary of your project in a manner that will spur the project team to achieve the desired results.  

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