Often referred as terms of reference, project definition, or project statement, a project charter in project management is the single most important resource when it comes to getting the nod on a new project endeavor. The purpose of project charter is to provide a clear definition of the scope and goals of a project on which other parts as well as plans of that project are drawn on, and is considered legally binding.


project charter Template


This document is often the most difficult aspect in the planning and development of a project. It must maintain the most professional look while clearly stating the exact parameters of the deliverables, including specifications and quality, which is the purpose of a project charter– if done wrongly, then the project begins on a bad note.

It is in consideration of the above that several online platforms including Sinnaps Online Project Management have come up with a solution which includes providing project charter templates containing all project charter elements to allow for seamless development of this important piece of document.

This article is meant to teach you all you need to know about the different project charter templates, how to write a project charter, differentiate between a project charter vs project plan as well as the benefits accruing to the use of each kind.

Let’s jump right into it…

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Project Charter Example


Project Charter Template in Excel


Since there is no one-size-fits-all when considering a project management charter, it becomes necessary for project managers to go for project charter templates that will offer them the flexibility of being modified to suit specific project needs. Sinnaps project charter template (Excel) can easily be modified in an event where additional sections are required.





Simple Project Charter Example


A project charter as we have seen is a document which contains a comprehensive summary of the essence of a project. It doesn’t contain everything regarding the project, it simply points out or refers to other supporting, more detailed documents regarding the project, which includes the matrix form, change request, etc.

As a charted project manager looking to develop your own charter, then it’s time to learn what a simple project charter example should contain:

  • Reason for the project. This elaborate on the details regarding why the project is necessary. This part of the charter can easily be made using a business case the business contract
  • Description of the project. This may contain a descriptive list of items to be built or the services to be rendered
  • Budget for the project. This may contain a budget estimate for the entire project including unforeseen budgetary expenses
  • Risks associated with the project. Outline the risks as well as opportunities the project may encounter in the course of its completion
  • Milestones of the budget. This is necessary for fixing your timeline as well as establish deadlines to be met
  • Outline the objectives of the project. This will determine whether the project can be signed off as complete or not
  • Authority levels of all project managers. It properly lays down the roles as well as authority of all the management involved with the project
  • Timeline of the project. This will get all hands on deck to work towards the completion of the project, as they will become aware of the deadlines. Download a Timeline Template in Excel for free.
  • Project returns. This may be included in the project charter. It may include team performance as well as other returns expected at the end of the project
  • Roles and responsibilities. This will clearly define the duties of all participants including managers and members
  • Resources needed for smooth completion of the project.


Articles about Templates


Team Charter Template


A project requires that a group of individuals work together as a team. Therefore, it becomes necessary to develop a piece of document that clarifies team direction and at the same time establish boundaries. This is developed in the early stages of putting together a team. It is recommended that this document be developed in a group session where the entire group members are present – this will encourage acceptance by all.

Team charters serve the purpose of first providing direction and objectives of the team. Sinnaps offers one of the very best team charter templates available on the internet, and what’s more? It’s completely free. With this charter makes certain provisions, say…information necessary to eliminate the risk or downtime associated with a rework. Simply put, Sinnaps team charter templates the guarantee that your team gets it right the first time.

What is consists of:

  • Team Purpose
  • Duration and time commitment
  • Scope
  • Members
  • Desired end results
  • Supporting results
  • Reporting plan
  • Deliverables
  • Links


PMP Project Charter Sample


Much like the six Sigma project charter or Agile project charter, PMBOK 5th Edition guide describes a project charter as a document issued by the sponsor/initiator of a project formally authorizing its existence and providing the project manager with authority to apply organizational resources to project activities. This charter ultimately ties the project to the organizational strategy and operations.

Inputs in developing project charter:

  • Project statement of work – Describes the deliverables of the project (products/services)
  • Business case – this determines if the investment being made is worth the time and money
  • Agreement/Contract – Clearly states the terms of agreement between both parties
  • Enterprise environmental factors – This considers how internal and external factors including government regulations, market capitalization, human resource and the likes will affect the project. It also contains insights on how the project will respond to them
  • Organizational Process Assets – This includes past lessons learnt from previous projects, documentation/reports/templates/procedures as well as policies and standards kept as a whole to be used as reference.


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