Outlining the scope of work is essential in any project. It outlines what will be completed and achieved by the end of the project and serves as a goal towards which people should focus their work.


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In this article, we will take a look at a scope of work document template, how to make your project scope template effective, how to use a Sinnaps agile scope document template and its benefits for you and your project team.


What is a Scope of work template


The scope of work of a project essentially identifies all of the work that is required to complete the project and that is to be included in the project. It is the responsibility of a project manager to put the scope of work together and a project scope example template can be used to facilitate this task. In this article called Project Scope Definition, you will find more info.

A scope of work template excel format or other type of scope of work template is something that you can download and apply to your own project. It saves you from drawing up the document from scratch each time and normally includes the following areas:

  • Justification: The need that your project addresses.
  • Product scope description: The characteristics of what the project will produce.
  • Acceptance criteria: The conditions that must be met.
  • Deliverables: The results to be produced by the project.
  • Project Exclusions: Definition of what the project will not produce.
  • Constraints: Restrictions.
  • Assumptions: How uncertain information is to be addressed.


For example, scope of work in construction projects clearly defines what is expected from each party involved in a contract, and this makes it an essential document in project management.


The Benefits of a Simple Project Scope Template


A simple project scope template can really help you to create an effective and useful document for your project that will serve throughout its life-cycle. Using a project management scope of work template comes with various benefits which include the following:


  • Time: When you use a scope of work template, you save yourself valuable amounts of time that you can better spend on the content of the document which serves as a great benefit to the overall project. 
  • Experience: The agile scope document template from Sinnaps comes from other project management professionals. This allows you to learn from their experience and is especially beneficial if you are new to the project scope management field. Also, if you learn more about it, you will find more info here: Scope Creep Example.
  • Collaboration: Using a simple project scope statement template can indirectly increase and stimulate collaboration. This is due to the fact that there is more time freed up for you to speak with your team and brainstorm ideas and look over any suggestions as to how the project scope of work will be drawn up.


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How to make your Project Scope Template Effective


Using a project scope of work templates will make your project scope in itself more effective as it will save you valuable amounts of time and other benefits which we will discuss later in the article. The following are some tips on how to make you our scope of work document template and document itself, effective:


  • Verify the scope throughout the project. You can find more information about Project Scope Management here, then you can make your Scope Management Plan.
  • Choose a template that covers the essential areas for your project.
  • Remember to control change and refer it back to the scope.

  • Learn from experienced project management professionals and how they put together their scope of work proposal template.

  • Ensure that in every section you are getting the message across.


How to use a Sinnaps Agile Scope document template


Sinnaps project management software offers you an effective way to manage your team and the projects that you are completing. The cloud-based software offers a number of tools that can greatly improve your project management experience.


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One of these tools is the option to use project management templates. Whether you are looking for an IT scope of work template or a marketing scope of work template, it can be found within the Sinnaps community. If you want to use a Sinnaps scope of work document template, follow these steps:


  • Enter the Sinnaps project management community.
  • Search for a project scope of work template.
  • You can include more specific search words related of your project.
  • Browse through the various options and choose the one that suits your project best.
  • Start the project.
  • Export it to excel or PDF format if needed.
  • Fill it in.





Overall a project scope of work template is something that you should most definitely try if you haven’t yet. You will see the benefits for yourself straight away. Try using a Sinnaps project manager scope of work template today and save yourself time, learn from experience and stimulate collaboration within and across your team! 😊

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