The project scope is a key part of project management that project managers need to consider when undertaking the management of any project. It is essential to understand and develop the project scope before beginning actual project work. In this article you will learn about the definition of the project scope and how to define the key processes involved in the project scope.

Project scope is the part of project planning that involves outlining and documenting a list of specific project goals, deliverables, features, functions, tasks, deadlines, and costs. Besides, using the best Project Management Tools and Techniques, Project Managers will work in an easier and more effective way.  

The following are the most important processes in defining your project scope.


Definition of Product Requirements


Before determining what will be included in the project scope management process, it is crucial to clarify the product requirements. This is also known as the product scope.

For example, if you are undertaking a project to design a website or application, you need to clarify what the required functions and features for the website or application are. Any specific details should be accounted for here as well as the design and/or any guidelines that need to be followed.


Definition of Process Requirements


The process requirements outline how people interact with the product of a project and how that product interacts with other business processes.

For example, if you are talking about how data moves and the flow of certain business transactions, these are all considered process requirements. Back to the website example, billing transaction requirements within the website and how it is linked to accounts and when staff can review the status of orders etc., are also all considered process requirements.


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Involvement of the Right Stakeholders


Every project has various stakeholders involved, some more than others. For a project to be successful, it is essential that the appropriate stakeholders are involved to commission the project. And an online Gantt chart maker is the best tool to organize your work and your team.

Furthermore, it is crucial that they are involved intimately with the project so that they are aware of what is happening and as a result feel that they have more control in certain aspects.

This will mean that the likelihood of achieving their expectations is greatly heightened as you reviewed the goals and how they will be met with them and their input. Identifying and including stakeholders in the project scope reduces any potential future confusion and conflict.  


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Identification of Limitations


The limitations of project scope are actually outside of the project management scope of work but need to be considered and outlined. It involves the documentation of what will not be done. This clarification will help to avoid any assumptions made by people. Sometimes we need to be told what not to do so that we are even more sure of the project process.

A project plan template serves as a great example of a simple project plan for anyone that feels the task is very complicated.


Change Management


Change is constant and needing to change certain parts of a project along the way is normal. Scope creep, which describes when parts of a project end up requiring more work, should be avoided, however sometimes it is unavoidable. What is important to consider in this situation is to avoid disagreements between stakeholders and agents it is crucial to implement a strict change management process. The outlined change management functions are to be used in the case of a needed change. This will help to keep everyone on the same page even during an uncertain and unstable period of time.

By correctly defining your project scope, you are starting your project in the most effective way. The base of good scope definition is clear and consistent communication. With this, everyone involved with the project will be on the same page with regards to what is expected throughout the project. It also poses a platform to discuss any issues before beginning the project itself so that the issues won’t arise in the middle of the project life cycle. The project goals are the most important part of any project and outlining how they will be met lays a solid platform upon which to begin your project and to successfully complete it.

Overall it is clear that the project scope management process holds a lot of weight in importance to project management. It is a crucial planning step that will increase the possibility of completing the project you are undertaking successfully. Sinnaps, project planning software, presents various tools that will help you to manage the scope of your project effectively and efficiently.


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