There’s real value in having a process for making decisions – a process which collects and treats information about possible outcomes, uncertainties and in general, assess ways to ensure success. 


project template


So why use a project template? How can you prepare them? How you can find already prepared templates if you do not know how to go about creating one, etc. This article will expose you to the benefits of using templates, as well as point you to a complete online platform: Sinnaps project management tool where you would find useful tools and resources to help you with your project.


Project Template


Before undertaking your project, you’d have to prepare certain documents – project charter, WBS documents, risk register, communication plan and more. If you’d have to create all these documents from scratch, over and over again for each project you undertake, then you would really be losing a lot of productive time. The solution however, is to have templates to be used across the organization. When you use templates, you improve organizational efficiency and productivity, and generally bringing standardization to your organization.

Research conducted by PMI institute indicates that only less than 10% of projects have ever been executed and completed on time and under budget in the world. Now, isn’t that something? It has also been established that the majority of these projects fail due to poor planning.

Now this is where the project template comes – it completes the entire planning process – you can’t plan it all in your head now, can you? To have a clear and easily understood paperwork, you must look to templates to breakdown your large project goals into small, actionable chunks, clearly stating what needs to be done, when, and by whom, etc.

Examples of these may include project charter template Excel, Excel project plan, scope of work template, critical path template, project dashboard template, and workflow diagram templates, to mention but a few.


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Project Schedule Template


Project schedule templates are quite different from project plan templates, and are literally a lifesaver. In contrast to Gantt chart Excel templates which typically has task descriptions entered to the left of its corresponding schedules, you could create templates in which you could simply enter each task description within its schedule.



Download a Project Management Template in Excel


If you ever find yourself in situations where project specifics are not necessary, such as in project presentations, quick meetings with stakeholders, etc., where time is of the essence, and you’re really required to make it brief, then these could really come in handy.

If your organization does not have Project schedule templates for project plan excel, or you simply do not have the time to begin the process of creating one, then you could simply find and download free project management templates on the Sinnaps platform. There you’ll find templates like PMO templates, project workflow templates, project prioritization templates, resource planning templates, project list template, project calendar template and more. 


Project Roadmap Template


Would it be great to have a work in progress template that is just perfect for sharing priorities and project goals with the rest of your organization? Surely, the project roadmap template is an essential document in the arsenal of every product-driven company. With this important visual tool, you could quickly and accurately capture and relate the story behind your project – aim, milestones, key deliverables, risks, dependencies, etc., with stakeholders, the project teams and even management – your project planning documentation will not be complete without it.

You could use a project roadmap template for many things, below is a list of a few of them:

  • Sales
  • Manage your project portfolio
  • Marketing project
  • IT
  • New product development

Setting out to create a project roadmap? Here are a few suggestions of the things to include that will make it great:

  • Project Overview – This should talk about the project goals and objectives in a very simple manner
  • Key milestones – Identify dates that mark major phases in your project
  • Resource Allocation – Include some information about the cost of completing the project, including resources and personnel, how you intend to manage them, etc.
  • Dependencies – Identify your critical path and clearly outline key deliverables as well as how they impart project completion

You may also include contacts of key stakeholders in the project, as well as a couple of go-to guys should you run into any roadblocks. However, you may simply save a lot of time by using a pre-made template.


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There are those who would admit to undertaking projects almost all the time without planning, and to this effect, I’d like to suggest, as an example, a simple comparison between a well-planned project, and one that was executed without sufficient planning. 

This brings us to the question: Are there likely problems that may befall a carefully planned project? Definitely! Can there be missed deadlines? Absolutely! But there’s also sufficient preparations to manage these eventualities.

Now, we cannot say the same for a poorly planned project, as there is a lot of room for a mirage of eventualities that could bring the entire project down to the ground. Ranging from poor communication between teams, missed deadlines, scope creep and eventually quality problems – and this is just a few of those that could easily be avoided by employing simple but efficient resources like project management timeline templates, WBS templates and more.

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