A project management timeline is an effective way to plan and manage any project that you and your team is undertaking. For this reason, how to create a project timeline online is very significant for all types of businesses in all types of industries today.


Project Management timeline


In this article, we will take a look at how to create project timeline online plans, how to create an easy project timeline chart and what a project plan timeline looks like with Sinnaps project management software.


What is a Project Management Timeline?


A project timeline online serves as a visual overview of any type of project that you and your team are completing from its beginning to its end. A simple project timeline online can help to increase work efficiency, team collaboration and result in more productive work. A project management timeline helps you to break down the work and other aspects of the project.


How to plan a project


A simple project timeline online allows you to plan out the various tasks and activities as part of your project across a timeline calendar structure. This allows everybody involved in the project to see what needs to be completed, by when and by whom. This brings clarity to the work of the project and makes the tasks and activities more manageable.


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Why Create Project Timeline Online Plans?


A project timeline online is at the centre of every type of project. It helps to capture what the project will look like and what it set out to accomplish. Understanding how to create a project timeline online is therefore essential and very useful to project management. Accurate timelines can be the difference between a successful and failed project.

A project timeline visualization helps to clarify the work to be done as part of the project. This is especially useful if your project is more complex and includes more team members. It is an effective way of organising and monitoring work. Tasks can be broken into sub tasks along the timeline structure which overall makes work more manageable.


Sub tasks example with Sinnaps


Project Management Timeline


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How to Create an Easy Project Timeline Chart


In terms of how to create an easy project timeline chart using a project timeline online, there are a few simple steps involved. Your project timeline visualization will begin with your project name. Add all of the team members into your project timeline and assign the various roles such as project manager, team member, project officer, portfolio manager etc.

You should then proceed to listing out all of the tasks and activities that need to be completed as part of the project. Each task should have a start and finish date and its duration will be displayed along the project management timeline chart. Create dependencies where they’re required between tasks and assign your team members to each of the tasks.

As an addition, fill in the resources that you have to use throughout the life-cycle of this project. You can also assign resources to specific tasks so that team members responsible for those tasks are aware of what resources they have to use. After filling in any additional information required in your own project timeline online plan, track your project progress and make sure to use your simple project timeline online to its advantage.


A Project Plan Timeline with Sinnaps


Sinnaps project management software offers you an effective and efficient project timeline online that you can use to enhance your project management experience. Plan out the tasks and activities part of your project across and easy to use and intuitive timeline.

Sinnaps uses the critical path method to help determine the tasks that are most critical to your project and to also automatically calculate the least amount of time in which your project can be completed. The critical path allows you to define the tasks that have the most dependencies and that should be completed first. This further adds clarity to your project timeline plan and allows your team members to understand the tasks that are most important to successful project completion.


How to meet deadlines with Critical Path Method



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The Kanban board displays the tasks that you have planned to do that you are currently doing and the ones that you still have to do. This Kanban board allows team members to validate tasks in an easy manner and updates everyone else with current project status. The project management timeline chart also includes various communicative tools such as live in chat features, a project wall and automatic weekly progress updates sent to everyone involved with the project. This helps to stimulate team collaboration and communication which produces overall productive results.

We hope that after reading this article you have a better idea of how to create a project online. A simple project timeline online has a lot of benefits and can greatly advantage your project management experience. Try creating a project management timeline chart with Sinnaps today and let us know what you think in the comments below! 😉

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