There are many thought leadership articles describing this important and modern business term. Thought leadership essentially describes an ambition of business leaders to be regarded as experts and credible sources of information in their respective fields. In this article, we will go through what thought leadership is, thought leadership marketing and some thought leadership examples.  


thought leadership


What is Thought Leadership?


Thought leadership describes people that can recognise trends before they happen, someone that is ahead of the game. Thought leaders then apply a thought leadership strategy to use their insights to achieve real and valuable business results. Thought leadership can be seen asan extension of someone’s personal brand and their ability to build a strong reputation.

What is Thought Leadership… The thoughts of great leaders are cutting edge and relevant. Thought leaders also possess a unique ability to influence other people and other players in an industry. They are seen as a source of inspiration for others. For example, insurance thought leadership involves being a person in the insurance industry who is regarded as one of the people with the most experience and someone who is also forward thinking and future oriented in terms of their ideas.

Becoming a thought leader and attaining a thought leadership status takes more than publishing a few articles. It is a manifestation of true dedication and hard work in a specific field. Experience is what helps to build credibility and recognition.



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Thought Leadership Marketing


Thought leadership at its core is essentially a marketing technique. It helps to solidify your position in your industry as an expert. By branding yourself as worthy of attention and credibility, your business is automatically seen as credible due to its association with you. There are a few thought leadership marketing tips that you can consider:

  • Think about the questions that consumers commonly ask: By identifying the most common questions of your target audience, you can build your thought leadership strategy around answering those questions and automatically generating attention.
  • Don’t stick to answering the same questions forever: Change is constant and so are peoples’ questions and doubts. Make sure to stay relevant and to answer what is being asked at the time. It may be the case that you know about an upcoming trend and this is the time for you to answer those future questions in your thought leadership article in advance.
  • Social media is your best friend: Thought leadership is all about getting your name out there and recognised. One of the best ways o do this in today’s technologically advanced world is by using social media platforms to your advantage. There are many social media websites, all with large followings and niche communities that you can tap into and share your knowledge and expertise.

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Thought Leadership Examples


If you are wondering how to be a thought leader, take some inspiration from the following industry thought leaders:

  • Marcus Lemonis: 2007 Newsmaker of the year, Lemonis has a passion for turning around dying businesses, which he showcases on the show The Profit. Lemonis focuses on three key areas: the product, the people and the processes. His though leadership pieces have thought many about the ways in which your failing business can be saved.
  • Elon Musk: Most thought leadership examples include mention of innovation, and Elon Musk is one of the best examples. Co-founder of PayPal, which revolutionised the world of e-commerce and how financial transactions are performed online, Musk’s forward thinking is demonstrated in his other companies Tesla and SpaceX.
  • Tony Robbins: Tony Robbins is regarded as the mentor of all mentors. His thought leadership extends to leaders all over the world, especially in areas such as humanitarian aid and peace missions. Robins is one of the best thought leadership examples of how though leadership can change millions of lives for the better.

As a leadership thought of the day, let’s wrap this article up by saying that being a thought leader is not easy and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to a specific field. Those who are regarded as thought leaders never set out to achieve the status- it naturally was applied to them thank to their work. If you enjoyed this article, leave it a like and comment some of your favourite thought leaders today! 😊


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