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Project management is a vast practise that includes in it various project management topics. These topics are important to understand, and you generally learn more about them with experience. There are certain topics that are more complex than others. The range from covering the type of project you are undertaking to the various specific management areas of the project itself.

Some key project management topics include the following…


Agile Project Management


The agile methodology is not just one method. An example of agile methodology in project management is Scrum or Kanban, to name just two, which Sinnaps implements. Projects are complex and today, more than ever, are met with uncertainties and unpredictability. The agile methodology process seeks to respond to these uncertainties through incremental, iterative work cadences and empirical feedback.

The agile working methodology or ‘movement’ allows project managers and other stakeholders to assess and examine the direction of the project during its life cycle. Sprints or iterations are regular and consistent which allow for a constant-growth model which team members follow. At the end of each sprint or iteration it is required that the project team deliver results in moving the project along.


Agile Kanban Dashboard

kanban dashboard




Change Management


Change is constant, and you project team will face a lot of it throughout the lifecycle of the project. For this reason, change management is one of the most important project management topics to cover. Change management can be implemented in several ways.

When engaging in scope management, it is important to outline the procedure for how any changes will be dealt with. This increases awareness among team members and serves as preparation for any potential changes that will occur in the project.

Holding regular meetings and having an effective communication system such as the project wall or live in-chat features with Sinnaps allows for any issues to be dealt with at the source. The potential bottlenecks that are highlighted along the Sinnaps Gantt-flow also serve as effective change management techniques.

Sinnaps Gantt-flow



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Earned Value Management


When tackling a project, it is helpful to have a third-party guide that monitors what you are doing and picks up on the points that you may have missed. This is what Sinnaps does for you! It lets you know if you are doing well in activities or if you need to revise your project plan through measuring your project performance in an objective way against standardised parameters.

Project Management Topics

This is a project management technique and one of the project management topics that is gaining widespread popularity.  





The project Manager is often referred to as the leader of the project that guides the team towards success. Leaders have different styles and for this reason, leadership is one of the most interesting project management topics. Your leadership style depends on your own personality, the type of project you are undertaking and the capabilities of your project team.

Overall, it is important to practise effective communication skills, aided by the communication tools Sinnaps offers, be enthusiastic with your team and use the project management tools to monitor and control you project carefully.


Resource Management


Resources are key to completing a project whether they are human or financial. It is important to plan out these resources carefully and accordingly to the needs of your specific project and to monitor them effectively as the project is being carried out.


Stakeholder Management


Within a project there are often various parties that are affected by its outcome. The stakeholders can include the project manager, the client, investors, the project team and anyone else involved. Among other project management topics, it may be commonly forgotten or paid lesser attention, however it is very important. Stakeholder management essentially refers to managing relationships and involvement.

On the client side, for example, they would like to be in the loop about what is happening in the project and how it is going. An effective way of doing this is by using Sinnaps progress reports that can be given to the client or by holding regular update meetings and by strongly involving them in the scope definition. Once there is a consensus as to what is happening and how, the project will run more smoothly.

All project management topics are aligned with the activity of project management. Whether you are talking about the people, processes or activities themselves. It is essential to understand the various parts of project management and to use them to your project’s advantage.



Lesson 5 – Communication: How to get the team moving at cruising speed.


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