Communicating with your team is the key to successful work. More so if the team isn’t in the same place or when working online.

Lots of information is managed via email. But how much time do we lose trying to find an email? And looking to see what it’s about? For teamwork to work smoothly and agilely through effective, precise and organised communication, there are other key communication channels: the chat.

A ‘chat’ is a type of open communication which enables all the team members to contribute and participate.

Please understand that a ‘chat’ is not a replacement for email. So, it is useful to know when email is unnecessary, and why and for what we should use the Sinnaps chat.

These are some of the things which you could gain by starting to communicate through the Sinnaps chat:

— Reduce email volume by up to 48%. By sending messages directly through the application, you will save time and be far more productive. The conversations are far more focused on the activity in question and you’ll reach the people directly involved in it.

— Organise information by the corresponding activity, so communication is effective and direct as it covers one specific activity.

Keep up active, open communication with everyone involved in the project as it is easy-to-use, comfortable and accessible to all. With Sinnaps, you can manage your team for free; they can access all project information all the time.

— Your meetings are focused and more effective. Remember that everything you can clarify through the chat will mean hours of effective work instead of unnecessary meetings.

— Promote planning monitoring and control. If your team enters and follows the conversations about the activities, they will have the project at hand and it will be easier and more comfortable for them to see what is being talked about. They will follow the planning better.


You can also use the chat in the following ways for better performance:

— You have the possibility to add new conversations into the Sinnaps activity chat. Many users use it for their own notes or to write up the minutes of a conversation – ‘Meeting 15/94/17’, for example.

— The project activity chat will work as a lesson learnt. When you’re planning a new project, and need to check how you solved a particular problem, just access the saved chat and you’ll have a quick and effective answer from the lessons learnt.

— Online meetings. Use Sinnaps chat to hold online meetings when your work teams are at a distance. For instance, by opening up a conversation in an activity entitled ‘Brainstorming’. Although the chat happens in real time, we or any member of the team can at any time note down those ideas that provide us with the right solution in the chat or activity book.



Also, don’t forget:

— You can configure the alerts you need to be notified of new conversations or messages.

Thanks to Sinnaps notifications, the whole team will always be on top of everything that is happening in the project.

In fact, many professional project managers no longer use email in projects. Do you know why?


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