The project’s overview or project summary is a tool that allows the most important requirements for your activities to be selected in order to interpret them and take efficient decisions.

In projects with a high activity volume and great differences in characteristics, it is useful to work with the project summary which the app provides you.

Specifically, the Sinnaps project’s overview offers you the following information: activity name, people assigned to the activity, start and finish date, plus the current state of the activity (to do, ongoing, not done or validated), objectives, sub-tasks and planned or used resources. It also offers you a balance between what was planned and what has been consumed so you can better manage the project costs.

With Roadmap, you will have a general overview of all your planning and quick, easy and instant access to controlling your projects.



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Now, how can the details in the summary affect your management? You’ll find out below.


Purpose of a Project Summary


Every project should have its own summary, in addition to the reports that may be generated therein. We’ll give you a few reasons why you should start using a project summary ASAP:

  1. Simplify the large volume of data generated by your project.
  2. View activity details directly and easily.
  3. Compare information from different activities.
  4. Provide the bases for effective decision-making.
  5. Gain time in managing your work.
  6. Access project activities quickly and easily.
  7. Control and monitor the project from an overall perspective.


When is it Important to Work with a Summary of your Project?


The main time to use the project summary is prior to a milestone meeting. There, decision-making will be vital for the future of the project. So, these decisions need to be backed up by evidence-based information showing project evolution.

Data could be compiled if we went from one activity to the next across the planning. However, this would take a great deal of time and require significant information comparison.
The same is true for control meetings, not to mention daily supervision by the Project Manager.

The project summary can also be used when we’re thinking about changing something in the planning – in testing mode. Prior to accessing our laboratory for changes, we can quickly see the most important information from all the activities as a whole.


How Should the Sinnaps Project Summary be Interpreted?


Sinnaps enables all the activities in a project to be collated in a list, alongside their planned and used resources, in addition to a series of details which we’ll explain in this article.

Remember that if you need to see more data on an activity, you can also access the activity panel through this list by clicking on any of its characteristics.



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Features of the activities list


We can find the following characteristics from the activity listed.

Name. By clicking on it we can directly find the activity as well as access the main activity panel.

Involved team members. If we hover the cursor over the icon, the full name will appear.

Start and end date of the activity. If we hover the cursor, we will also get the total amount of days.



Activity status.  Depending on the color of the date, we can see wether if the activity has been validated on time or not.

Goals. We can see the goals and their status listed if we hoover the cursor over it.




Planed costs.Total planned costs.

Spent costs. This is the total real cost of the activity. Team members can write their costs in order to build up the real cost in real time.

Cost balance. This is the difference between planned and spent costs.


By hovering the pointer over the costs, we can see all costs and resources detailed.




Note: Project Managers can activate or deactivate permissions to see the costs to different team members from the team management tab.

We can also edit other project properties from the top right side corner of the overview. Main properties like the projects start date can be edited from there. However some of them are better changed from the Testing mode in order to avoid unwanted surprises.




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