Without mincing words, project managers are always confronted with the challenges of how to ensure high product quality, achieve customer satisfaction, the task of having increased control of their projects and how to overcome the risks involved in their projects. No doubt, your ability to overcome these challenges determines your success as a project manager.

In reality, most project managers are always overwhelmed by these challenges thereby causing them not to fulfill their agile project management goals and objectives. As a project manager do you desire a project management solution that helps you and your team in your agile management strides?


agile project management software


Agile project management software is a tool that can help you to achieve the objectives of your agile project. It will enable you to achieve high product quality, customer satisfaction, exercise control over the project and manage the risk of your agile project effectively.

In agile project management software, you have an effective agile project management app that provides you and your team with a system that allows you to thoroughly inspect and correct product iterations during the development cycle by focusing on the incremental changes and improvements on your project design to achieve high-quality product to your customers.

Also, it allows you to have improved customer satisfaction through an effective feedback system. Furthermore, agile project planning software minimizes the failure of a project with proper agile risk management through rapid iteration and incremental improvement to ensure the success of your project.

Sinnaps, an online project management tool is an agile project management software that you can embrace for the management of your agile project to achieve the satisfaction of your clients and achieve the desired product quality. It is one of the popular agile tools used in agile project management because it supports effective planning thereby helping you in planning the activities of your project and minimizes the risks of your project.

It will carefully filter the activities of your project with the agile board embedded in it. Also, it can determine the critical part of the project activities and help you in meeting your deadlines by laying emphasis on the activities duration, time constraints, and dependencies.



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Besides, here you can find more examples of software development project management tools, which are useful for agile time-track their activities.


Agile Software Development With Scrum


Software development is a delicate exercise that requires detailed planning and execution of the activities involved in the process.

Agile software development with scrum is a comprehensive approach that is used by the agile project management team to manage the software development activities by creating an agile software development process that allows requirements and solution to evolve through the collaborative effort of self-organizing of the project team and the customer.


Gantt Chart with a Agile Project Management Software, based on Waterfall Methodology


gantt chart example


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Agile software development with scrum is always centered on adaptive planning, evolutionary development, and early product delivery to your client, continuous improvement, quick and flexible response to change.


agile methodology


Also, agile software development with scrum is a project management method that focuses on the people undertaking the project and how they work together. It creates a framework in the agile software development process to get the work done.

Agile software development with scrum allows you and your project team to embrace flexibility by changing the way you think about how to deliver value to your clients.


Agile Dashboard for your team


Kanban Board Example


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It will create a system that permits continuous learning and adjustment to the factors fluctuating in the project. It will take into consideration that the team might not be in the know of everything at the beginning and evolve through experience.

Agile software development with scrum is structured to help you in your software development strides by adjusting naturally to the changing conditions and user requirements by building re-prioritization into the process and short release cycles for your team to learn continuously and improve during the entire project cycle.

Again, agile software development with scrum can fit the need of any organization because it promotes effective communication, transparency, and continuous improvement of the entire project team members.


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The best free agile scrum tools and backlog tools assist the scrum teams in carrying out their agile sprint planning, stand-ups, sprints, and retrospectives with ease. Examples include Sinnaps, Jira, Trello, and Wrike.


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Agile Software Development Tool


The agile software development process should be done painstakingly with the effective agile software development tool to manage and plan the project successfully.

Agile in software engineering allows the design of a model that combines iterative and incremental process systems that lay emphasis on the adaptability of the process and efficient software product.

Agile software development tool helps the project team by breaking the product into small forms. The use of agile software development tool allows you to set the goals and objectives of projects and execute them with real-time and cross-project reporting. The task of achieving your software development project on time to your client and on-budget is simplified with agile software development tool.

Furthermore, there is a need to track your software development project by managing your tasks and issues involved in the project. With Agile software development tool, you are afforded the opportunity to design your projects, plans, and resources to ensure that the right people are assigned to work in order to achieve the objective of your project.

Sinnaps can be used as your agile software development tool to accomplish the goals of your project with detailed planning. Also, it can be used as your agile project tracking tool to track the progress of your project by keeping tabs on every activity in an agile software development project.

Other examples are Wrike, Basecamp, Trello, Asana, and Pivotal Tracker.


Cloud Agile Project Management Software


In agile project management, you are required to manage project requirements iteratively and incrementally through the life cycle of the project. It entails the management and sharing of vital data among the various stakeholders.

Cloud agile project management software integrates cloud computing into agile project management for accessing and sharing the data of the project. The use of cloud agile project management software ensures that there is no need for changing hardware and software in your project.

Also, cloud agile project management software will enhance the effective coordination of your project thereby guarding against the failure of your project. It can also be easily customized to ensure effective communication thereby promoting transparency among the project teams.

In cloud agile project management software, you have agile project management online that will reliably store your software development plans and assists you and your team in the prioritization of your tasks to achieve the goals of your project.

Again, agile board online software is useful in managing product development from start to finish; it is an ideal tool to manage your agile work structure to achieve self-organizing and cross-functional teams that are supportive of one another by empowering each individual with personal authority and accountability.

The use of agile management software is not limited to big organizations. Small business can use free agile management software for the management of the small project. Examples of free agile management software are Sinnaps, Asana, Basecamp and Pivotal Tracker.

Agile product management software assists organizations in creating the system that guides every step of the product’s lifecycle from development to positioning and pricing by focusing on the product and the customers. It helps the project management team in satisfying the needs of the customers.

Sinnaps will help you and your project team in designing the product that will clearly meet the specifications of your client through proper agile planning, monitoring, and tracking of your agile project management activities.


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