A lot of people are using productivity applications because of their benefits and usefulness. In this article, we will take a look at some office productivity tools such as Sinnaps, Asana, Redbooth and Wrike and what they have to offer in terms of work productivity. However, it’s also important to know some factors affecting productivity.


Best Productivity Apps


Best Productivity Apps


Some of the best productivity tools actually help you to increase your productivity, whether at work or at home. Let’s take a look at what Sinnaps project management software, Asana and Redbooth have to offer in terms of being best productivity apps:

  • Sinnaps: Sinnaps is a useful project management productivity app that offers a Kanban panel fir effective project planning. Work can be clearly visualised in terms of what needs to be done by what date, allowing everyone to maximise their productivity. The modern Gantt-flow chart highlights the critical path of the project so that everyone is aware of what tasks are most critical to successful project completion.
  • Asana: Asana can be described as a productivity timer app. It allows you to plan and manage projects, however, the complexity of the app is something that may actually hinder productivity levels rather than increasing them. The interface seems overcrowded and tasks can only be assigned to one team member unfortunately.  
  • Redbooth: Redbooth is another productivity app example, mostly based on managing projects. In terms of the productivity of tasks, Redbooth doesn’t offer the option to assign dates to subtasks or to duplicate projects. This means that crucial time is lost when planning similar projects that could have otherwise been saved.  


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Productivity Software


Most productivity articles will tell you about the importance of being user-friendly. Some productivity software examples include Sinnaps and Wrike. However, let’s look at the main difference between the two productivity apps:

  • Sinnaps: The best productivity software utilises the benefits of being n the cloud for safe documentation and information storage. With Sinnaps you can write and generate automatic project reports and store them on the productivity software safely so that no project information will be lost.

Sinnaps also allows for effective resource planning and management. Project managers and team members can track how much of a specific resource they are spending and can make sure that their resources are planned out in a way that will secure resources for the entirety of the project.


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  • Wrike: Wrike is one of the other well-known productivity programs. In terms of tracking workload and therefore productivity, Wrike does not offer you the option to enter workload in terms of hours. The workload view is generally lacking unfortunately, and resources and their management is not provided for on the app.


Best Android Productivity Apps


Most of the productivity applications are available both on iOS and Android, meaning that you and your project team have accessibility to the productivity software from even more potential platforms. Sinnaps is available in app form on Android with an easy-to-follow interface and modern design. Sinnaps is also one of the best free productivity apps as it gives you the option to sign up to a free plan.


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Productivity Power Tools


Out of all the productivity gadgets, Sinnaps offers a wide array of online productivity tools as part of the app. Tools include the project wall for communicative purposes, KPIs, live in-chat features and instant report generation. These tools help to increase productivity levels by making work and communication more efficient. Projects can easily be duplicated so that you don’t need to waste time re-planning similar projects.

The office productivity suite sends weekly automatic email updates are also sent out to everyone involved in the project. These weekly progress updates inform each team member on their own progress and draws their attention to anything that they need to focus on.  

Basecamp is a productivity app known more for its use for project management and discussion. Files can be uploaded and shared, and project managers can keep track of project progress. It doesn’t necessarily compare to other modern productivity power tools, however. Some of the common design issues take away from project orientation and focuses more on the communicative aspect of project management rather than the technical aspects.   

Overall, the usefulness of office productivity applications is clear. Most organisations utilise productivity tools in computer format to help increase productivity levels and to make work more efficient. Take a look at some of the apps we have reviewed in this article and see what you think for yourself! 😊


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