Productivity systems essentially describe the ways in which people get things done. Any productive person has their own system. In this article, we will take a look at some useful productivity strategies productivity methods, the best productivity systems for work and Sinnaps project management software as a productive data solution.


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Best Productivity Systems for Work


G7 productivity systems and project management cloud-based software such as Sinnaps are great examples of a user productivity system that people who work both from home and the office can use to their advantage in order to get things done in a more productive manner. The following are some useful productivity strategies that a daily organization system such as Sinnaps offers to help you:

  • Writing to-do lists: Project management apps such as Sinnaps allow you to effectively right to do lists. By using a to do list system, you can visualise what needs to be done so that you can effectively plan out your time.
  • Planning ahead: The productivity model is essentially centred around effectively planning out your time. By planning ahead, you can decide on what you can take on and what you don’t have enough time to take on so that you are in a better position to complete the work you have planned.
  • Time allocation: If you are working on a project, time and location is key. Sinnaps Gantt flow allows you to plan out the tasks part of the project while also planning for their specific durations. Allocating time is also important when you have a bigger and more complex task to complete.


Examples of Productive Solutions


Before starting to know some examples of Productive Solutions, it’s important to know some factors affecting productivity. Now, let’s take a look at three productive solutions with three well-known productivity system examples:

  • Getting things done: GTD is a productivity system coined by David Allen. It is about planning all of the tasks that you need to complete efficiently and effectively. This productivity system Is centred around goals, current projects and general areas of responsibility.
  • Pomodoro: A great user productivity system example is Pomodoro. This productivity system was invented by Francesco Cirillo and is based on getting what you need to do done in predetermined blocks of time. The idea is that you work in 25-minute blocks with five-minute breaks in between and after four blocks you take a longer break.
  • Don’t Break the Chain: Don’t Break the Chain is a productivity system that was inspired by Jerry Seinfeld and focuses on helping people with creative occupations to become more productive. It is essentially based around a calendar-like structure where people plan for what they want to get done each day in advance.


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Productivity Methods


There are different productivity methods that can be utilized to increase productivity in work. By using productive data solutions such as Sinnaps. The best productivity system is one that covers the following areas:

  • Utilizing task lists: Task lists are very important as they determine the work that needs to be done for everyone involved in a project or for an individual’s workday. Task list serve as a visualisation and reminder of what needs to be completed and by when.
  • Organized workspace: Productive work cannot be completed in a disorganized workspace. Organization is key in terms of the work that you are planning and the area in which you are working. Having a specific place for specific things will save you a lot of time in the long run.
  • Organization systems for work: Using an effective organization system for work such as Sinnaps is another key aspect of an effective productivity system. Having an organization system will benefit not just individuals but also the company as a whole and the results that it produces.


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Productive Data Solutions: Sinnaps


Sinnaps is a cloud-based project management software that allows project managers and theirs teams to effectively organize and track the work to be completed as part of a project. The productivity system that Sinnaps offers you is essentially a productivity management system that monitors work that has been done and reminds you and everyone involved with the project as to what still needs to be completed.

All of the data pertaining to the project is safely stored on Sinnaps cloud-based system, meaning that it cannot be lost and can be accessed at anytime from anywhere in the world, making it perfect for decentralised teams.

In terms of the best organization system for work and projects, Sinnaps modern Gantt chart known as the Gantt flow clearly outlines the work that you and your team need to complete across a calendar structure, along with a critical path that highlights the tasks that are most important to successful project completion.


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Sinnaps also serves as the best to do list system for anyone that finds it hard to keep on track of what they need to do as part of their contribution towards the project. Each member has a list with his/her own tasks that they are expected to complete along with weekly email updates to remind them of their progress.

Overall, work being done on a system tends to be more productive and organized. A task list system software such as Sinnaps project management software is a tool that can help you to develop your own productivity system and way of getting things done efficiently and effectively. Try out the simple productivity system for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments! 😊

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