Productivity levels and their growth are essential for all types of organisations. In this article, we will go over some tips on how to be more productive at work, productivity improvement, productivity growth and industrial productivity. Sinnaps project management software can greatly help to increase the productivity of your projects.


How to Increase Productivity


What is Productivity Improvement?


Productivity improvement basically describes improving productivity levels to bring benefit to your work. Let’s take a look at some productivity improvement techniques:

  • Allocate time each day for a power session: Power sessions are periods of time where you totally dedicate yourself to working on tasks. All distractions should be eliminated, and your phone turned on flight mode. Power sessions can range from 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on how much work you want to get done.
  • Work in a productive environment: The environment in which you work will greatly affect your productivity levels. Your working environment should positively influence your productivity. There is a big difference between working in a crowded cafe and in a appropriate office with Internet access, good lighting, minimal distractions and other people who are also working.
  • Order your work: The order of the work that you do can greatly influence your productivity levels. At the beginning of the day you naturally have more energy. For this reason you should work on the tasks that you least like first and leave tasks that you most like until later in the day when your energy levels are lower.


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How to Increase Productivity in the Workplace


If you are wondering how to increase productivity of employees, the following tips will help you greatly. These work productivity tips are also applicable with Sinnaps project management app:

  • Delegate tasks: In terms of how to improve productivity in an organization, delegating work to employees is crucial. No one can take on everything and produce effective work. Sinnaps allows you to easily delegate tasks to team members while also allowing you to track the progress of the work.
  • Reduce distractions: If there are televisions, radios or anything else that serves as a distraction in the office space, these things should be removed and put in the canteen or other designated rest areas.
  • Set clear goals: When people have something to work Tourette’s, they tend to put more energy and effort into the tasks. For this reason, setting clear goals and making sure that everybody understands them is essential to help to increase productivity in the workplace. Sinnaps allows you too easily set goals and plan out the work to be done in order to reach them with the help of tools such as the Gantt-flow and critical path. You will see just how quickly team productivity levels increase with the help of this tip.


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How to Stimulate Productivity Growth


Productivity growth is something that all organisations try to achieve by using some sort of productivity technology or different types of productivity strategies. Let’s take a look at two useful tips for stimulating productivity growth in an organisation:

  • Ensure that employees have an interest in their work: Out of all the ideas to improve productivity in the workplace, making sure that your employees are interested in the work that they are doing is crucial. If employees are carrying out redundant work tasks and losing enthusiasm for their job, their productivity levels will decrease. It is important to change all the routine and make sure that workers get the chance to try out working on different projects and tasks to stimulate interest and enthusiasm.
  • Motivation and recognition: If workers are performing their full potential and really trying hard in their work but not receiving any recognition for their efforts, their productivity levels are likely to decrease. In terms of the different methods to improve productivity, motivating your employees and recognising their effort’s is essential to stimulating and increasing productivity levels.


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Factors Affecting Industrial Productivity


Industrial productivity essentially describes the productivity of the different types of industries rather than individual productivity levels. Industrial productivity can increase and decrease just as that of an individual employee. There are six factors that affect the levels of industrial productivity, however there are some general factors affecting productivity.


6 factors that affect the levels of industrial productivity:


  • Technological Development
  • Quality of Human Resources
  • Availability of Finance
  • Managerial Talent
  • Government Policy
  • Natural Factors


Whether you were looking for ways to improve manufacturing productivity and efficiency or simply project productivity, we hope that the tips covered in this article will help you. Improving quality and productivity is something that all organisations need to consistently work on and with the help of Sinnaps, the job is made easier! Let us know some of your most useful productivity tips! 😊

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