Project planning, organization and delivery are the key priorities –  not only in project management. And what better way to lay out all your plans, tasks and visualize schedules than to make use of Gantt charts. In fact, more and more people from all works of life now visualize the importance Gantt chart task management, as it makes juggling between multiple tasks a whole lot easier.

More than ever before, a great number of tools are now available for this all important purpose. These tools include Sinnaps Online Project Management software, Asana, Wrike, and a host of others lets users visualize an overview of a project schedule, giving them insight on each activity, its completion as well as who is handling what. This is why Gantt charts are a formidable tool in the arsenal of project managers, businesses and even organizations alike.

In this article, we will consider the various tools offering project management software with Gantt charts as well as tips and tricks to make the best use of these software for improved business and project performance. Let’s jump right into it.


gANTT CHART Software for Project Management


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Why You Should Use Project Management Software with Gantt Charts


Project planning and execution can be a daunting task, and project managers need all the help they can get. Among other numerous advantage for using Gantt charts, here are a few:

  • Compete projects on schedule

When a large task is sub-divided into smaller units, it becomes easier to bit the time allotted to the entire activity. With Gantt charts, you can conveniently visualize all project tasks as well as duration, this will help you keep a clear eye on the progress of work.


Gantt Chart Software for Project Management: Example

gantt chart example


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  • Discern the critical path of a project

Using a Gantt chart, a project manager can easily determine if a project is on the critical path, signifying that a delay may invariably affect the overall project progress.


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  • Monitor dependencies

The interdependency of tasks in project management means when a team member defaults in their activity, it impacts the overall project progress and causes delay to the activity that is next in line for execution. With dependency in tasks clearly visible to managers and team members alike, it becomes easier to develop strategies to keep every task on schedule.

  • Increase team member’s sense of accountability

Displaying tasks as well as their start and finish time will foster a greater sense of responsibility on team members as each person knows their roles and know that they are inherently accountable for the success or failure of related activities and tasks.

  • Time management

Knowing the start and end dates for each activity as well as who is responsible for what, teams, managers, stakeholders are thus able to plan their activities accordingly. And proper management of time, invariably leads to increase in efficiency.

  • Strategic planning and implementation

Gone are the days when project managers moon and brood in a mental haze, with no clear-cut plans for eventualities in their projects. With increased visibility, thanks to Gantt charts, managers can clearly see project progress as well as develop contingencies in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

  • Resource allocation

Having a timeline for the progress of each task lets you know what activities are next in line, and therefore you could make the necessary arrangements for resources needed to see it through.


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Best Online Project Management Software with Gantt Charts


Considering the usefulness of Gantt charts in project management and business alike, Gantt charts have become an absolute necessity in project management as well as in business. However, with loads of software offering this software, it may be overwhelming to pick and choose which really fits your business and project needs. Therefore, we have put together a list of project scheduling software offering free Gantt charts for project management as well as paid tools that offer dynamic Gantt charts as an intrinsic part of their application.

  • Sinnaps

Sinnaps is yet another powerful, all-in-one web-based project management application consisting all the essential elements of project management. The software offers well designed and easily-to-use Gantt chart software, well suited for personal, project as well as business enterprises.

In comparison to the above mentioned applications, Sinnaps offers the most complete set of features with regards to collaborative work management solution. This free project management software with Gantt Charts come complete with all necessary tools for project collaboration, eliminating the hassle of linking and integrating other tools.

  • Teamwork

Among the best project management tools with Gantt charts available today, Teamwork is loved by teams, businesses, agencies alike. Offering up to three products, including Teamwork Desk, Teamwork Projects and Teamwork Chat which can be further integrated to streamline and ultimately improve team collaboration.

  • Easy Projects

Easy Projects is a web-based project planning software, and considered as yet another powerful application offering complete and user-friendly Gantt software for project planning and execution. Among other features, it allows you to easily track task and project progress, view and monitor critical path, monitor dependencies and a host of other essential project activities.

Other examples include Hansoft, Wrike, Asana, Avaza, as well as Clarizen and a host of others. Besides, here some examples of software development project management tools, which are useful for agile time-track their activities.


Quick Tips Before Using the Gantt Project Software


Unless all activities necessary to complete a project are included, Gantt charts won’t offer any useful information as it is meant to. Therefore, before setting out to create your Gantt chart, be sure to take some time out to do the following:

  • Identify essential tasks: This involves making a comprehensive list of activities that must take place in order to complete the work, and the next step will be to estimate the duration for each task.
  • Identify task relationship: In a project, certain tasks must be completed before others can begin. Therefore, the next step will be to identify such tasks and note down the relationship between them. When this is done, then you’re ready for your Gantt chart time management endeavour.
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