Every workplace is made up of employees with individual differences working together to achieve the goals of the business organization. However, the major reason why business organizations are not achieving the desired results in terms of productivity is their inability to manage diversity in their organizations. 


managing diversity in the workplace


Hence, the onus is on the management to create and maintain an environment that allows all workers irrespective of their cultural background, ethnicity, race, and gender to reach their full potential while the pursuing the organizational objectives. The task of managing diversity in the workplace must be held in high esteem by any organization that aims to achieve a competitive edge in its industry.

No doubt, by managing diversity in the workplace effectively, an organization can expand its horizon of business operations as it simplifies the process of reaching other global markets thereby enhancing its productivity and profitability. 

Furthermore, the task of retaining the best talents has become challenging for some organizations and it could be as a result of their inability to manage diversity in their organization. 

With diversity management programs in your organization, you will be able to attract and retain the best talents because the employees will have a sense of belonging in the workplace irrespective of their differences and they will be committed to working for such organizations.

Sinnaps, an online project management tool, will assist any business organization in managing diversity in its workplace by ensuring collaboration and communication among the workers. It is very easy to use and it will aid the workers in executing their tasks to achieve the objectives of the organization.


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Also, it supports effective planning thereby assisting the workers in utilizing their potentials to the full capacity to ensure the growth of the organization.


Managing diversity in the workplace: a key to operational efficiency


In reality, managing diversity in the workplace can be difficult to do for business organizations. However, the difficulties can be overcome if organizations are committed to embracing the practices that encourage tolerance, open communication, adoption of conflict resolution strategies to address the issues that could arise due to differences in human beings.

Hence the leadership in the workplace should be committed to managing diversity in its workplace to ensure labour productivity. No doubt, optimum labour productivity is the ultimate goal of every organization and it is achievable by managing employee diversity that leverages the contributions of every employee in the organization.

The following are ways of managing diversity in the workplace:

  • Effective communication: this plays a crucial role in the management of diversity in the workplace. Business organizations should ensure their operational policies, procedures, and safety rules are designed in a manner that overcomes language and cultural barriers through proper translation and the use of pictures and symbols when necessary.
  • Treat each worker individually: you should always judge the workers based on their failures and successes and never attribute individual actions to his or her background.
  • Allow workers to work in diverse groups: by allowing your workers to work in diverse teams enables them to know and value each other. This helps them to learn from one another and can assist them to do away with notions and cultural misunderstanding.
  • Setting the standards based on objectives of the organization: ensure that the same standards apply to all employees regardless of their culture and background. 
  • Embrace openness in your organization: allow your workers to share their experiences and make their suggestions during their activities to enable them to showcase their talents. 

The benefits of managing cultural diversity in the workplace include the following:

  • Organizations will have workers from diverse backgrounds contributing creative ideas that are informed by their cultural experiences.
  • It assists business firms in having a better understanding of their target demographics and what motivates them.
  • It improves customer satisfaction by boosting the interaction of the workers with a diverse public. 


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Workforce diversity in HRM


The human resource management of every business organization is responsible for managing its workforce diversity because it is saddled with the task of attracting and hiring talents. The more diverse the workforce of a firm, the more innovative the workforce will be in its operation. 

Every business establishment should aim to achieve workforce diversity in human resource management by ensuring a heterogeneous working environment that integrates people of different cultural background, age, physical abilities, race, gender, and religion in the workplace. 

The human resources management should ensure that they manage the manpower needs of the organization, formulate policies and procedures for the development and application of each individual’s talent into a diversity management programs to maximize the potentials of the workforce. 


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Also, workforce diversity in HRM should be centered on guarding against inequality and discrimination while focusing on compliance with equal opportunity for each individual working in the organization. 



Effective diversity management in HRM: the secret to attaining a competitive edge in the marketplace


No doubt, the global marketplace is changing constantly and the reliable way to achieve a competitive edge in the global marketplace is by embracing effective diversity management in HRM. 

It assists in creating the platform for the management of change and diversity in the workplace that is in tandem with the ever-changing marketplace.

Effective diversity management in HRM assists in the value creation for attracting diverse individuals that drive creativity. This establishes an environment that allows everyone to contribute his or her ideas to enhance the growth of the organization.

It also assists in building a stronger business brand and makes the organization more attractive to the employees.

Furthermore, effective diversity in HRM boosts the creativity and problem-solving ability of an organization because it will boast of a variety of individuals from different backgrounds that proffer creative solutions to any issue that could arise in its operational activities. 

Again, it allows individual growth and development of the employees because they can always build synergy and learn from one another. Also, with effective diversity management in HRM, an organization can leverage its workforce to meet the needs of different markets and boosts its profitability. 



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Diversity management examples


Leadership and diversity management has been embraced by notable business organizations to boost their productivity and increase their share of the global market. Notable among them is Sodexo, an organization that is promoting gender balance by ensuring that 40% of its workers are women.

MasterCard, a leading global financial institution is renowned for managing age diversity in the workplace by breaking the age-related barrier in its operation by ensuring that older workers are involved in their social media activities. 

Furthermore, Accenture is reputable for managing diversity and equality in the workplace by ensuring that no one is discriminated against due to differences such as disability and gender.  Accenture always embarks on massive training of its workforce and it celebrates the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

The task of managing diversity in organizations is enhanced with effective workplace app being used by the employees in undertaking their activities. This ensures collaboration in the workplace because workers can easily build the right chemistry with one another and get along perfectly with each other. 

Sinnaps can be used as the workplace app of your organization; it is a collaboration tool that can be used with ease and it promotes effective communication among the workers.

Furthermore, managing diversity in the organization boosts innovation in the workplace because employees bring forward their innovative ideas to enhance the growth of the organization. 

The network diagram project management which is the visual representation of every sequential and dependent activity within a project. The management must ensure that it is designed in a way that barrier in the language is guarded against so that all employees will properly understand it to boost their operational efficiency.   

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