Planning is one of the most crucial stages of project management. Effectively planning your projects can make the difference between their success and failure. In this article we will take a look at planning online, the benefits of a planning scheme online and Sinnaps online planning scheme.


Planning Scheme Online


Planning Online


How to planning activities effectively? Planning dates back to times when the internet was unheard of. It is a crucial step to carry out for any project. In order to effectively work on a project, you and your project team require a plan to follow and to monitor. This plan can be used as a benchmark to judge project progress and health. A plan, whether written or online is used as a visualisation of the work to be done as part of the project and greatly adds value to any project.

In today’s technologically advanced world, much of our planning is carried out using an office planner online. This has further benefited the process of planning in management, the benefits of which we will take a look at further on in the article. Planning online using a project planning software such as Sinnaps can overall save you time, effort and even stress. It can increase and stimulate collaboration and make you and your project team more productive.



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Planning Schemes Online


There are various planning schemes online that you and your project team can use to plan out the work of your projects. Sinnaps project management software is a great example of one of these office planner online tools. Sinnaps furthers the effectiveness of your project plan by including useful tools to help you optimise project work.

Sinnaps allows you to use the office planner online tool in the form of a Gantt flow Kanban board. Each of your project tasks can be planned across the horizontal timeline in order. Tasks can also be broken down into subtasks and can be easily managed. The critical path of your workflow is also highlighted with the tasks most critical to project completion at the top of the plan.


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Team members are easily assigned to tasks for which they are responsible and when a task is completed, it is validated, updating everyone’s plan so that they are continuously aware of progress. Planning reports online couldn’t be easier a Sinnaps offers project and report templates that can be exported to excel and modified to your projects. All reports and documents are safely stored on the software that is cloud based and can be accessed from anywhere by anyone involved with the project.


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Why Use a Planning Scheme?


Planning allows you to make sure that you are keeping on track with the objectives that you and your team set as part of completing the project. Planning service as a framework for decision-making and gives you and your team are clear direction to follow.

The work that you need to complete as part of the project is prioritised and this means that you can get more done in less time. Work is therefore more productive, and the quality is higher. For these reasons it is crucial to effectively plan your projects are using a planning scheme such as Sinnaps, which allows you to have the tasks most important to successful project completion at the top and continuously updates project progress.


The Benefits of a Planning Scheme Online


Using an office planner online can bring multiple benefits to your projects. Firstly, a lot of time and effort can be saved by using project plan templates available in the Sinnaps community. These templates are based on previous successful projects and they can be exported to excel and modified to the specific requirements of your project. This can save you and your team crucial amounts of time and effort.

Communication is greatly facilitated by using a planning scheme online such as Sinnaps, offering various communicative tools such as the project wall, live in-chat features and automatic weekly project progress reports sent to each team member’s e-mail. In this way, your team can communicate freely, discuss ideas, solve problems and even build stronger relationships.

KPIs are included as part of an online planning scheme thanks to technology. They measure your project’s health status and even forecast what is expected based on current performance. Resources can also easily be managed and kept track of using an office planner online. Planning reports online is made a lot easier with project management software and they can be kept safely in one place.

Using a planning scheme online that is cloud-based means that all information pertaining to your projects is kept safely in one space. The project plan can be accessed by anyone involved with the project from anywhere in the world at any time, making it perfect for decentralised teams.

Overall, an office planner online can make the process of planning a lot more efficient and effective for you and your project team. With Sinnaps, you can do even more by communicating with your team, planning reports online, measuring project progress and managing resources- you will not be disappointed. Try planning your projects with Sinnaps today! 😊

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