Project planning activities are essential to understand for effective project management. There are different project planning activities in software engineering all the way through to planning a new marketing campaign- project planning activities are essential for every type of project.

In this article, we will understand Project Planning and we will take a look at the different project planning activities, activity planning in project management, activity planning with Sinnaps project management software and activity planning in SPM.


Project Planning Activities


Project Planning Activities


 Project planning activities and scheduling project activities is essential for effective project time management. It is the first process of the planning stage of any type of project and steps should be followed as art of pre project planning activities. Project activities planning involves the second step of project time management and developing the project implementation schedules involves the third step. What is project planning? This is the first step.


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How to plan a project


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In order to carry out effective project planning activities the following four steps should be considered and can be performed effectively with a project management software such as Sinnaps:


  • Define the activities that make up the project
  • Define the relationships and dependencies between activities
  • Estimate the resources required
  • Estimate activity durations


Project Planning Activities List


The activity planning stage is very important for any type of project. Let’s take a look at a project planning activities list for activity planning and sequencing:


  • Determine project requirements
  • Identify all database
  • Determine cost estimates
  • Revise the risk assessment
  • Define and identify critical success factors
  • Write up the project charter
  • Create a detailed project plan
  • Begin the project



Process Planning Activities


Process planning involves planning functions and activities in order to develop a comprehensive plan and/or instructions to make a part or to carry out a project. Engineering drawings, material lists and specifications begin the planning process. These specify the operation sequences, work centres, tools and standards to be met as part of project planning activities in software engineering. This becomes a crucial input into the manufacturing process for a product and defines operations for any production activity control measures as well as for defining the required resources for capacity requirements planning purposes.   

Activity planning in project management and process plans that offer detailed outlines of work instructions will greatly help project teams and stimulate productive and effective work. Process activity planning offers important step-by-step instructions that are crucial to understand in order to team members to perform activities properly and to a higher level of quality.  

You can plan your activities easily using this Planning Scheme Online:


project implementation plan template


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Activity Planning in Software Project Management


Planning activities in management can be effectively done online with a platform such as Sinnaps. Sinnaps offers you an updated version of the traditional Gantt chart known as the Gantt flow. This includes the critical path of your project that calculates the most optimal workflow and highlights task dependencies as well as the activities most crucial to successful project completion. This can be used for software planning activities and generic project planning activities.   




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Activity planning and sequencing can be carefully monitored and controlled with activity planning in software project management tools such as the Kanban board that is linked with your Gantt flow and shows real-time project progress and status. Planning and activities done during the project can be validated easily by project team members assigned to the tasks. Each activity includes detailed information to help team members understand what is required and planning activities across a timeline lets them know when completion is due.


Kanban Board of Sinnaps


Kanban Board Example


Any activities involved in project planning that are more complex can also be broken down with the help of sub tasks. These sub tasks can also be assigned to team members and validated individually. Communication and collaboration is stimulated from the activities in planning phase with tools such as the project wall, live in-chat features and automatic weekly updates sent to everyone involved with the project.

Whether you decide to follow the stepwise project planning activities method or another activity planning and sequencing method, know that it is essential to carry out each step of project planning activities carefully as they make up the main part of your project work. Try reaching your objectives of activity planning in software project management with Sinnaps project planning activities app today! 😊


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