Imagine this; can a soldier ever embark on a journey to war front without being prepared? No, a soldier will adequately prepare before embarking on a journey to war, the preparation entails getting the necessary arms to attack the enemies.

Without mincing words, project management can be likened to this scenario. A project manager is required to prepare for a project by having a comprehensive project budgeting because it plays a great role in the success of the project.

According to statistics by KPMG, most global organizations have a 70% failure rate and the major reason behind the failure is the lack of effective project budgeting. The consequences of poor project budgeting are fatal and cause you to experience failure in your project.


project Budgeting tools


It would affect the timely delivery of your project to your clients and cause you to alter your plans by spending more than anticipated in the project thereby dealing a blow on your credibility as a project manager. Project budgeting is useful in creating the financial data that ensure your project is funded adequately and completed within the budgetary provision.

The use of project budgeting tools allows you to estimate the total cost of a project. It will include a comprehensive estimate of all costs that are likely to be incurred before the completion of a project.

The aim of every project manager is to deliver the project to the client on time and achieve the goals of the project. Project budgeting tools will allow you to create the picture of the financial requirement of what is needed to execute your project right from the start by estimating accurately, monitoring and taking into consideration the risks that will be involved in the project.

Attain effective optimization of your project budget with project budgeting tools: Project budgeting tools help in the creation of the budget to ensure that you achieve the desired results from your project. Also, the tools assist you in communicating effectively the budget status to the stakeholders that will fund the project.

Save yourself from stress and embarrassment with project budgeting tools: the use of project budgeting tools affords you the opportunity to allocate the correct amount of the budget to each corresponding need in the project. The use of project budgeting tools will save you from the poor calculation and the embarrassment of subsequent alterations and amendments of the project budget.


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Sinnaps, an online project management tool can be used as your project budgeting tool for planning, monitoring, and tracking your budget. As a tool, it has an ease of use feature that will simplify your project budgeting process thereby saving you from the stress of poor project budgeting.

Also, it will help in the proper management of the workloads of your project by dividing them into smaller bits that you can manage effectively with your team. Furthermore, it will ensure that you derive great value from your budget by showing how the resources of your project are used on a graph to enhance proper management of the project resources.



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Project budgeting tools: innovative tools to achieve optimum project budget performance

The integration of project budgeting tools offers you the innovative approach that allows you to proactively calculate an estimate of your project parameters like scope, cost, and duration. It enables you to use the historical data that are relevant to your project.

Project budgeting tools should be used in the initial stages of project planning and project schedule development. It will always take into consideration the project tasks. The development of cost for each task such as labor, materials, operating cost and other direct costs will be simplified.

Project budgeting tools will determine the cost of performing a task as related to the personnel assigned to the task, the duration of the task and the cost of any non-labor items required in the task. Project management budget tracking is vital to the success of your project budgeting.


See Your Project Resources In The Resource Graph



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It compares the status of the expenditure incurred in the project with the projected financial provision for each stage of the project. It will help in identifying overruns in the project budget at the early stage in order to take a corrective measure to boost the project’s financial status.

Also, the task of getting the best out of your project budgeting includes the use of project budget monitoring tools to monitor the project budgeting so as to achieve optimum performance. You can make use of the Gantt chart and PERT chart to monitor your project’s budget.

In Sinnaps, you have a tool that can perform these functions.


Create simulations in the Test Mode with Sinnaps



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Project Cost Estimation and Budgeting


In reality, project cost estimation cost can be difficult due to some uncertainties that could be encountered in the process of executing the project. However, they play a vital role in the successful completion of your project.

Project cost estimation and budgeting help in establishing a scope that helps you secure sufficient funds for your project. The scope involves the estimation of labor, hours, materials, supplies and other miscellaneous expenses.

However, it is imperative for you to make your project cost estimation and budgeting flexible in order to make room for some changes in case there is a need. The cost estimate of your project should define the purpose of the project, what you aim to accomplish in the project, the assumptions made, the duration of the validity of the estimate, and how much the project will cost.

Again, while creating project cost estimation and budgeting, you should strive to be unbiased.

An effective way to estimate cost and prepare your budget is by using simple project budget management tools. The tools will identify quantities and different types of labor to carry out your project.

The simple project budget management tools are capable of estimating the cost of each piece of the project and add them together to have the project total estimates. An example of a simple project budget management tool is Sinnaps; it properly manages your budget to ensure you get optimum and effective budget performance.

Other tools are Mint, Quicken, and Spreadsheet. Besides, find here a project costing template to maximize your budget.

Also, it is important for you to properly manage the accuracy of cost estimates and budget through project management budget tracking to ensure that you properly monitor and track the project cost estimates and budget so as to achieve the desired objectives from your budget.

Furthermore, you must guard against overstating your project cost estimation and budget because it can result in negative consequences such as making the project to look too expensive and unaffordable for the clients.


Project Management Budget Control


Project management budget control assists project managers in creating a process that enhances proper planning and implementation to ensure that the resources of your budget are allocated in an effective and transparent manner. Also, project management budget control helps in the following ways;

Effective planning: project management budget control will allow you to properly plan the expenses associated with your project and operations functions.

Proper coordination: you will be able to coordinate the budgets across your organization effectively.

Analysis of the cost-benefit of your project: you are allowed to have the financial calculations that reveal how your spending will result in benefits. For instance, you can determine the rate of investment analysis for your project.


Control Panel based on Earned Value Management



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You can effectively trail your budget audit: you are allowed to have budgetary control to ensure that your budget is on the right track. Also, it ensures that your project management is on time and budget.

It ensures proper documentation: it allows you to have a knowledge management system that can be used in the future.

No doubt, project management budget control will allow effective project management financial tracking. The tools for project cost and budget tracking are Sinnaps, Forecast, OOTI, Tick, FoxPlan, and RationalPlan.

Furthermore, project budget and cost plan are essential tools for communication with the relevant stakeholders, the project budget plan will break down the financial details about the expenses and purchases needed to make the project a success while cost plan will communicate the total sum of money the project will cost.

The use of project budget management system ensures ease in planning and managing cost and revenue estimates, controlling costs and ensuring that the tasks of the project are completed within the specified budget.

It will enhance your ability to have budgetary control that will drive accountability to boost the success of your project. In Sinnaps, you have a tool that will assist you in designing the budget of your project painstakingly to achieve the desired objectives.

It will properly plan and allocate the resources for every task of your project.

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