Picture this, you are supervising multiple projects at the same time and have to analyze different data of each project to enhance the day-to-day running of the projects to ensure that the right decisions are taken to provide the desired values to the clients in terms of quality and timely delivery.


project dashboard excel


No doubt, things could get complicated in the process thereby causing you to encounter difficulties in managing the projects effectively. Look no further, in a project dashboard Excel, you have a tool that you can rely on to analyze the data of your projects and improve your project management decisions.

Project dashboard Excel has features that will assist you in analyzing your data into different charts and diagrams thereby assisting you in communicating with your team and relevant stakeholders.

In reality, as a project manager, you can easily download a project dashboard Excel template for free for the use of your project management team.


Project dashboard Excel: How it helps in the management of the workload of your project


The integration of the project dashboard Excel template allows you to monitor your project, track the status of each project’s tasks and the budget expended on them.

The project dashboard Excel assists you in creating graphs and charts that offer you a visual overview of your project and simplifying the process of managing the workloads of the projects and costs.

Furthermore, on the project dashboard Excel, you are allowed as a user to update data daily to keep the team members informed about the latest information on the project.

Again, project dashboard Excel is useful for monitoring the key performance indicators (KPIs) and employee performance to ensure optimum productivity from them. For example in construction projects, construction KPI template Excel is a spreadsheet that can be used by the construction teams in tracking their performance in key areas like safety, quality, and productivity.

One of the notable features on it is the project progress dashboard that usually displays the overall progress of the project and highlights the problems that require attention to enhance the success of the project.

In any project, the team focuses on the process of monitoring and reporting the status of the project to the relevant stakeholders. In a project status dashboard template, you have a tool that ensures proper monitoring of project status and it reduces the amount of time required to create a project status dashboard.


The importance of Project dashboard Excel


  • It allows you to gather, sum, and organize vital project data in one location.
  • It is effective for relaying information about a project without confusing the details to the relevant stakeholders.

In reality, most project management tools have the feature of project dashboard Excel in them. For example, Sinnaps has the Kanban board which can be used to monitor the activities of a project.


Project dashboard template


A project dashboard template is a crucial model useful for business managers in meeting the goals of their business activities. It is a downloadable and easy-to-use tool for displaying vital information in tabular and graphical formats.


project dashboard excel


Download a Project Dashboard Excel


Besides, find a planning in Excel too.


project dashboard excel


Also, it can display the data of your project in the form of maps and gauges. Project dashboard template is a useful spreadsheet for programming and processing project data into actionable decisions that will propel the growth of your business enterprise thereby helping you in maximizing your business performance.

As a tool, it will save you a lot of stress from generating multiple reports about the status of a project. Again, it can be used for sharing the project metrics among the project team. Also, it will assist you in viewing multiple key performance indicators in different formats.

Furthermore, it is effective for comparing the performance of the selected KPIs.

A multiple project dashboard template Excel is useful for tracking project phases for multiple projects to ensure proper management of the projects. Another important tool for project managers is the PMO dashboard template.

PMO dashboard template is effective for sharing the status and key information of projects to relevant stakeholders without any hassle. Also, it will help you in executing the earned value analysis to measure the progress of a project at any point in time. It is also effective for analyzing variances in schedule and cost as time goes by in the project.

The major difference between the PMO dashboard template and project dashboard template is that the PMO dashboard template is mostly used by senior business executives for managing their project status when the time is very limited.


How a Project management dashboard template can analyze risks properly?


A project management dashboard template enables you to be on top of your game by allowing you to track issues about the activities of the project with ease. It is effective for identifying and managing the risk involved in a project painstakingly.

A risk dashboard template Excel helps in creating a list of risks, rate their likelihood of occurrence and the impact they could have on your project. This helps you to know the response to each of them and know how to reduce or eliminate them.

For instance, Sinnaps has different project management dashboard templates that can be leveraged to analyze risks properly. It is also effective for evaluating the critical path that your project can take to achieve outstanding results.

Again, it is useful for Earned Value management for measuring the progress and performance of a project by putting into consideration the time, scope, and cost. This aids the prediction of problems that could truncate the optimum project performance.


Earned Value (EVM) example:



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A program dashboard template can be embraced for managing information by visually tracking, analyzing, and displaying the key data points to monitor the health of a business organization. It can be customized to meet the unique needs of an organization.


Project portfolio dashboard template Excel


Project portfolio dashboard template Excel helps project teams in managing multiple projects and resources. It is effective for adding any number of projects, activities and can assign any task to any member of the team.

For example, Sinnaps as a tool can be used to monitor the activities of multiple projects at the same time through the various dashboards that are present on it.




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Gantt chart Excel template


Project managers often use Excel for project management in arranging and organizing their project data for proper analysis. However, Excel is not a project management tool on its own but it can be combined with other tools like the Gantt chart to improve the performance and efficiency of the project management teams.

Gantt chart assists project managers in planning and managing their projects. It can show the interdependencies between the activities of a project and can be used to view the status of a project.

In the Gantt chart Excel template, you have a tool that you can download and customize to suit your project management effort. You are only required to do the following on it:

  • Step 1: Give a name to your project
  • Step 2: Add the tasks of your project
  • Step 3: Update the start and end dates of the project’s tasks
  • Step 4: Add milestones and color-code to your tasks.
  • Step 5: Add more tasks and conclude your Gantt chart Excel. With the Gantt-chart Excel, you can easily gain an insight into your project from a glance and deduce the next line of action on the project.


Project charter template


A project charter template Excel is an important guide to the project managers. It offers you a sense of direction in your project management quest. It is a model that describes the goals, scope, and deliverables that are expected from a project. It aligns the project with the core objectives of your organization.

Another useful tool for project managers is the project timeline Excel. It is useful for creating the order of activities of a project to ensure proper project management. It supports the project team in maximizing each schedule of the project because it places a huge premium on the vital activities of the project.

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